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How Google’s accelerators help startups and developers grow

A startup founder and their team takes notes during an accelerator program session.

Over the last seven years, Google's accelerator programs — including Google for Startups Accelerators and Google Play’s Indie Games Accelerators — have helped over 1100 startups and developers address global challenges such as climate change, financial inclusion, economic development, equitable healthcare and more. Today, we’re announcing our first Accelerator Impact Report, which highlights the growth these entrepreneurs have experienced. .

During our accelerators, participating startups and developers receive training and hands-on mentorship from industry leaders and Google experts, and get access to the newest products and technologies. For example, after participating in regional accelerators, Brown Living, India’s first plastic-free marketplace, applied automations through Looker Studio and Apps Script with support from Google mentors. Brazilian startup Carbonext used machine learning to monitor deforestation in Brazil 80% faster – and at 70% of the cost — after participating in a Google for Startups Accelerator program. And Indonesia-based Gambir Studio grew revenue by 20% with the advice from mentors at an Indie Games Accelerator.

A startup founder in discussion during an accelerator program session.

Chaitsi Ahuja, founder and CEO of Brown Living, in a breakout session during Google for Startups Accelerator: India.

Since graduating from Google’s accelerator programs, 20 alumni have gone on to become unicorns (privately-owned startups with a valuation of over $1 billion) — and one is even a decacorn (privately-held firm that exceeds the valuation of $10 billion). These startups now employ nearly 120,000 people worldwide and have raised $30.7 billion in venture funding. Accelerator alumni also boast a 96% survival rate (meaning they stay open for business), in an environment where over 80% of startups fail.

A startup founder looking at a tree in the rainforest.

Janaína Dallan, Carbonext Founder at a REDD+ project in Acre, Brazil.

The first Accelerator Impact Report covers data from 2016 through July 2023 and delves into the scope and makeup of 24 Google accelerator programs across six continents and 87 countries. Read the report to learn more about Google’s accelerator programs, alumni and how startups and VCs can get involved.

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