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Support for European and Israeli startups working on AI and climate solutions

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Blok-Z cofounder Mohamed Hassan

Startups are shaping the future of technology. Across Europe and Israel, entrepreneurs are doing fantastic work at the forefront of innovation: striving to solve some of the most critical issues facing our world. But these pioneering companies often struggle to access the support, expertise and tools they need to help them scale. Because the work of startups is so important, we’re committed to supporting them in their fascinating journeys — providing the best of Google’s tools, mentors and network.

Today, we’re launching applications for two Google for Startups Accelerator programs: Climate Change and AI First. These programs are designed to empower startups by providing the resources they need to overcome challenges and scale their solutions effectively.

Google for Startups Accelerator: Climate Change

In partnership with Google Sustainability and Google Cloud, this program is designed for Seed to Series A stage startups in Europe and Israel that are developing technologies to combat climate change and contribute to achieving net-zero emissions — from renewable energy solutions to advanced waste management systems.

Google for Startups Accelerator: Climate Change focuses on leveraging cloud technology, AI and machine learning to drive sustainability efforts. AI’s ability to spot patterns, make predictions and learn makes it uniquely able to address the climate crisis; our joint report with Boston Consulting Group predicts AI has the potential to mitigate 5-10% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Google for Startups Accelerator: AI First

AI is revolutionizing industries, with the potential to solve complex problems and improve efficiencies across various sectors. A report by McKinsey estimates that AI could add $13 trillion to the global economy by 2030. However, to realize this potential, AI development must be guided by ethical considerations and robust technical expertise.

Designed for Seed to Series A stage startups in Europe and Israel, in partnership with Google Cloud and Google DeepMind, Google for Startups Accelerator: AI First offers mentorship and technical support to help startups grow responsibly with AI. This program supports strong teams with a clear vision for how AI and ML can solve real-world problems across all industries, who are building AI-powered solutions and leveraging AI and ML in transformative ways.

About the programs

Applications for both programs are open until July 21, with both programs kicking off in September in a hybrid format. Each 10-week accelerator combines hands-on workshops, one-on-one mentoring and tailored technical support.

Participants will benefit from Google's AI expertise, access to the latest tools and ongoing access to mentors and fellow founders through the alumni network. The programs include a mix of in-person and virtual activities, one-on-one mentoring and group learning sessions. Key focus areas include product design, customer acquisition and leadership development. Additionally, selected startups will receive dedicated Google Cloud technical expertise and credits through the Google for Startups Cloud Program.

Apply now

If you are a founder of a startup working on climate change technologies or innovating with AI, and if you seek to leverage Google’s products, people and best practices, we encourage you to apply.

Apply now for Google for Startups Accelerator: Climate Change and Google for Startups Accelerator: AI First — and learn more about alumni of our Google for Startups Accelerator programs below.

  • Two man stand beside one another looking at the camera.

    Mohamed Hassan and Selim Satici , Cofounders of Block-Z, Germany

    Blok-Z’s 24/7 carbon-free energy (CFE) matching software allows energy providers to match their corporate energy off-takers' consumption with carbon-free energy sources hourly and locally. Users gain insights into their energy source, track their 24/7 carbon-free energy consumption, and generate CSR reports with a single click.

  • Two women stand looking at the camera

    Alba Garcia and Anna Cañadell, Cofounders of BCome, Spain

    BCome is the digital sustainability platform for the fashion industry: A smart, reliable, secure platform that enables fashion businesses to build responsible supply chains, guarantee transparency and bring it to the final customer.

  • Two men wearing white t-shirts stand looking at the camera in front of a living wall.

    Dr. Maik Reder and Marcel Frenzel, Cofounders of Annea, Germany

    Annea is a GreenTech startup that uses AI and digital twin technology to prevent breakdowns in renewable energy assets. The company’s platform uses data from sensors and other IoT devices to create digital twins of renewable energy assets, such as wind turbines. These digital twins can be used to predict when an asset is likely to fail, so that maintenance can be scheduled before the failure occurs.

  • A man wearing a blue shirt stands with his arms folded looking at the camera.

    Nicolas Grislain, Cofounder and CSO of Sarus, France

    Sarus provides synthetic data from a generative AI model trained with differential privacy that offers a privacy layer for sensitive data. With Sarus, data scientists and analysts work on data without ever seeing it. This ensures compliance and data security at the maximum capacity.

  • A woman wearing a pink and white striped shirt and with shoulder-length blonde hair looks at the camera, standing in front of a bookshelf.

    Tonya Samsonova, Founder of, UK is an AI-powered tool that lets artists create images in their own unique style with a simple written description. By uploading just 10 images, you can train an AI model and create new artworks in seconds. Exactly allows creators to publish their AI models on the platform and rent access to them to businesses. hosts thousands of personal unique AI models trained by professional artists.

  • A man in a black suit looks stands in front of a screen.

    Mike Storm, Cofounder & CEO of Neurons, Denmark

    Neurons developed an AI solution to help marketing professionals maximize creative performance by accurately predicting customer behavior. Neurons has a unique ability to combine the latest advances in cognitive neuroscience and machine learning to bring revolutionary solutions to market, with an expanding database of high-quality eye-tracking and behavioral data from studies conducted with the world’s biggest companies.

  • A man wearing a black shirt stands with his arms folded.

    Simcha Shore, CEO and Founder of AgroScout, Israel

    AgroScout is a crop intelligence Software as a Service (SaaS) tool that enables farmers to collect data and access scientific analysis, insights and reccomendations based on artificial intelligence. The AgroScout platform monitors crop development in real time to more accurately plan processing and manufacturing operations across regions, crops and growers.

  • A woman with blonde hair and a man with brown hair wear black t-shirts and stand looking at the camera.

    Merit Valdsalu & Andrus Aaslaid, Cofounders of Single.Earth, Estonia

    Single.Earth closes the $700 billion nature financing gap by channeling ESG-driven company funds to high-impact landowners, while assessing ecological data for maximum impact globally. Single.Earth is consolidating and combining existing information from satellites, ground measurements and third-party harmonised maps. The team uses big data and AI to evaluate and quantify forest characteristics and give input for developing a new green currency they call MERIT, linking nature with the economy.

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