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Ukrainian startups building for post-war economic recovery

Two women stand in a open hallway; the woman on the left wears a traditional white and blue Ukrainian shirt.

Despite the ongoing war, Ukrainian startups continue to defy expectations. The total value of the Ukrainian startup ecosystem has risen to an estimated €28 billion — including twice the average number of unicorn companies per funded startup in Europe. To help entrepreneurs and tech companies continue to lay the groundwork for post-war economic recovery, we’re announcing the newest Google for Startups Ukraine Support Fund recipients.

Run in partnership with 1991, Ukraine’s first and largest accelerator, the $10 million Ukraine Support Fund provides equity-free cash awards and Google support to Ukrainian-founded tech companies. In addition to $100,000 of non-dilutive funding, selected startups receive Google Cloud credits as well as hands-on Google mentoring, product and technical support.

Meet the new cohort

Here are the first 2024 recipients of the Google for Startups Ukraine Support Fund:

  • Ailand Systems - smart autonomous drones for landmine detection
  • BazaIT - all-in-one hiring solution for tech companies
  • Carbominer - green CO₂ capture from the air as a service
  • Clearly - tech platform that effectively connects psychotherapists with clients
  • Eddy - comprehensive digital space for teachers, parents, and students
  • Eventmate - all-in-one app empowering event creators to engage with their audience and build community using popular messengers
  • Natively - effortless conversion of any website into iOS/Android apps
  • Spendbase - platform for companies to optimize SaaS, cloud, and corporate card spending
  • Uspacy - all-in-one digital workspace for SMBs, streamlining communication, collaboration, and CRM

If you missed this round, don' t worry— applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Ukrainian-founded startups that meet the criteria should apply on our website by July 31 for consideration in the next round.

Learn more about the selected startups below and on

  • A woman in a tan blazer and a man in a black t-shirt stand side-by-side in a hallway.

    Carbominer is on a mission to transform CO₂ into a valuable resource. Their innovative technology captures CO₂ from the air and converts it into high-quality, food-grade CO₂, which is then sold to agricultural enterprises and the food industry. By providing a cost-effective and sustainable source of CO₂, Carbominer is empowering businesses to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels and adopt more environmentally friendly practices.

  • Four men sit on a desk in a room, one holding a bicycle.

    Ailand Systems pivoted from agricultural drone technology to demining. It's a critical issue for Ukraine, now the most heavily mined country in the world due to the war. Their fully autonomous demining drones address the urgent need to clear vast areas of land contaminated by mines, providing the same level of accuracy as humans while being four times faster and considerably safer.

  • A group wearing colorful clothing stand in front of a step-and-repeat with their arms in the middle.

    Learning management platform Eddy is revolutionizing education in Ukraine with its comprehensive and free solution for schools. With more than 3,000 schools already on board, Eddy offers a range of features designed to enhance the learning experience for students, streamline administrative tasks for educators, and foster communication between parents and teachers.

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