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28 startups join our accelerator program for women founders

A group of six women founders sitting on chairs in a circle, talking, with other founders and more chais visible in the background.

All over the world, women-led startups are contributing to economic growth, creating jobs and solving challenges for the communities they’re part of. Yet the stark reality is that these entrepreneurs aren’t getting the financial backing they deserve. Women founders are still far less likely to receive funding from venture capital investors. In the U.S. and Europe, for example, startups established solely by women receive less than 2% of all venture capital funding.

To help bridge this gap, we’re committed to supporting women founders through our equity-free Google for Startups Accelerator programs, which provide startups with the mentorship and technical tools they need to prepare for the next phase of their growth. Since we first launched these programs in 2016, 36% of the 1,000 startups we’ve supported have been led by women. In 2020, we launched a dedicated program for women — Google for Startups Accelerator: Women Founders — in North America. The program has since expanded around the world.

This year, as we mark International Women’s Day, we’re kicking off two new classes, including our fifth cohort in North America and our first in Europe and Israel. Here are the 28 startups building AI solutions to some of the world's most pressing challenges.

Google for Startups Accelerator: Women Founders 2024 (North America)

The 15 North American women-led companies in the 2024 Google for Startups Accelerator: Women Founders cohort
  • AI Merch (Palo Alto, CA) uses AI-driven computer vision technology to give managers at consumer goods companies a platform to operate more efficiently and serve their customers better.
  • BODS (Los Angeles, CA) has built a 3D try-on and styling experience that combines gaming technology and AI, helping people visualize their perfect fit, improving customer experience and reducing returns.
  • (Austin, TX) runs apps that connect property owners with cleaning services in real estate and property management.
  • Dresma (Cupertino, CA) helps sellers create professional quality catalog and promotional imagery so they’re less dependent on photographers, studios and agencies.
  • Geolabe (Los Alamos, NM) develops AI methods for complex remote sensing data, helping organizations measure their environmental footprint, identify remedial actions and prioritize investments.
  • Helios (Tyson, CA) is an AI software that predicts agricultural supply chain disruptions, giving customers the insights and transparency they need to make better decisions about their individual farms.
  • MedReddie (Waterloo, ON) is an innovative healthtech AI company, using a Large Language Model (LLM) system to transform healthcare supply chains.
  • Moodbit (New York, NY) boosts HR efficiency by automating tasks, centralizing knowledge and engaging employees through a generative AI-powered copilot.
  • Myri Health (Oklahoma City, OK) provides postpartum care at a low cost directly to mothers' phones, via the Myri Health App.
  • Nimble Science (Calgary, AB) is a global collaborator in delivering actionable intelligence from the GI tract to improve health outcomes.
  • Queenly (San Francisco, CA) is an online marketplace for the global formalwear industry, allowing people to buy and sell all types of dresses for any special occasion.
  • SkyAcres (Surrey, BC) is connecting fruit and vegetable growers to commercial buyers through a digital marketplace, and allowing anyone with under-utilized residential or commercial space to grow and sell produce.
  • Stack Moxie (Seattle, WA) helps businesses use AI and automated monitoring across functions like sales, marketing, customer success, web and analytics technology.
  • Tara AI (San Jose, CA) is an engineering intelligence platform that helps engineering teams maximize the impact and service they offer their customers.
  • Tilli (Palo Alto, CA) is a learning tool that builds and measures eight foundational cognitive skills (from self awareness to metacognition) by a child’s 10th birthday.

Google for Startups Accelerator: Women Founders 2024 (Europe & Israel)

The 13 European women-led companies in the 2024 Google for Startups Accelerator: Women Founders cohort
  • Aurora First (London, United Kingdom) is an AI-driven companion that helps families orchestrate their daily routines.
  • Bamboo Energy (Barcelona, Spain) provides AI-powered savings in energy management.
  • Bigthinx (London, United Kingdom) is a gen AI company disrupting the global fashion and gaming industry by using AI and computer vision to digitise the human body and create immersive experiences.
  • Boosst (Tel Aviv, Israel) is a mergers and acquisitions platform that helps small and medium-sized businesses streamline their company acquisition process.
  • Digitech Oasis (Manchester, United Kingdom) uses AI and robotics technologies to predict, improve and automate critical business functions.
  • Evaro (Norwich, United Kingdom) enables brands to enter the digital health sector and give their customers convenient access to prescription medication.
  • Legal Nodes (London, United Kingdom) streamlines global legal support for technology businesses.
  • Luna (London, United Kingdom) is an AI-driven digital health companion providing real time mental health support and education for teens.
  • Malloc Privacy (Nicosia, Cyprus) uses AI to help people, organizations and enterprises detect spyware and protect their data and privacy.
  • ObjectBox (Berlin, Germany) provides developers with a first-of-its-kind infrastructure software to store and synchronize distributed data.
  • Ochy (Rennes, France) is an advanced AI technology with a biomechanics algorithm that provides real-time running form and gait analysis through smartphone cameras.
  • Predicta-Med (Tel Aviv, Israel) is a healthcare technology platform that helps with early identification and intervention recommendations for patients with undiagnosed immune-related diseases.
  • (Berlin, Germany) combines data science and generative AI to help sellers create products, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

To date, the 47 women-led startups from North America that have graduated from the program have gone on to raise a collective $93.22 million in follow-on funding. We can’t wait to see what this year’s graduates go on to do. Learn more about Google for Startups Accelerator programs on

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