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Ad Grants: 20 years of nonprofits helping more and spending less

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In 2022, the Google Ad Grants program donated more than $1.8 billion worth of Search ads to nonprofits around the world. Launched 20 years ago, Ad Grants has driven more than 14 billion clicks to nonprofits’ websites, boosting their ability to recruit volunteers, attract donors, reach the communities they help and advocate for the causes they support.

Google’s Ad Grants allow us to combat the spread of misinformation and promote accurate lifesaving advice. Together we are able to target specific populations with tailored content at the time they need it most. We are literally saving lives here. Andy Pattison
Digital Manager, WHO

Set up to help nonprofits share their causes with the world, over 65,000 nonprofits receive up to $10,000 of donated Search ads through the program each month. For select organizations, Ad Grants advisors at Google provide extra support to help launch and optimize ads.

In 2003, Google donated its first Search ads to the March of Dimes nonprofit organization. This was very early in Google’s history and even then we already recognized how useful digital ads could be in helping organizations connect with new people and reach their objectives.

Every day, we work to build tools that help organizations of all sizes grow and be successful. Nonprofits do critical work for our society, tackling pressing issues like disaster response and recovery, fighting racial injustice, refugee support, and many, many more. I’m grateful that this amazing work can be amplified through the Ad Grants program.

Ad Grants was essential to create a solid online presence. It has helped us reach more donors, more partners, more volunteers and, more importantly, those in need. Since implementing Ad Grants, we have had more help and can help more! Constança Dias
Director, Just a Change

To help organizations operating with limited resources and time make the most of Ad Grants, we’ve created self-serve resources like this online product training. If you work at a nonprofit or know an organization that would benefit, check out

Keep reading to learn more about how Ad Grants has helped organizations around the world.

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