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3 tips for changing careers from “Epic Career Quest” star Ian Boggs

An image of YouTube creator Ian Boggs holding a script and smiling. Animated characters from the YouTube series "Epic Career Quest" appear in the background.

YouTube creator Ian Boggs knows a thing or two about changing careers: Before he was a top YouTube creator, he was a photographer. Now he’s part of the 75 percent of Gen Zers who are willing to uproot themselves by switching industries or job functions. But for Gen Z, getting started is often the hardest part.

To make the switch a little less scary (and a lot more animated!), Google created “Epic Career Quest,” a feel-good, animated YouTube series that helps Gen Z navigate those difficult first steps of a career change.

Ian voices the character Goman, an attention-seeking content creator looking for a little bit of career advice. You can catch Ian as Goman in “Epic Career Quest” on the Google Career Certificates YouTube channel. Since Ian has experience switching careers both on and off screen, we asked the YouTube creator to share how he navigated his own career change, as well as his top three tips for making a switch.

1. Learn new skills

Ian always had a flair for the dramatic, and his experience with photography meant his high-quality, cinematic videos stood out. But he needed to upskill to fill in some gaps — and for Ian, that meant taking acting classes. “No matter how easy it seems, acting classes teach you to express your emotions in such a way that they’re easily understood through the camera,” he says.

For those switching to more technical careers, Google Career Certificates offer job-changers skills for in-demand fields with no experience required. Online learners can enhance their technical skills in data analytics, cybersecurity, UX design and more, easing the path to a new career.

2. Harness your imposter syndrome

A career change can shake anyone’s confidence, and that was true for Ian. But rather than letting imposter syndrome bury him in self-doubt, Ian used it as motivation for success.

“I had this constant anxiety that I wouldn’t make it, that I might fail,” he remembers. “But that fear was exactly what I needed. It lit a fire in me to work extremely hard toward making my goals a reality. I still have so many goals to achieve with content creation and acting, but I can now proudly call myself a YouTuber and actor, and I can make a living doing what I love.”

3. Be methodical

Like his character, Goman, Ian has big goals. He feels that his career shift has allowed him to work more strategically and improved his work/life balance. “I don’t rush things anymore,” he says. “I used to chase, chase, chase, and now I know that it’s better to assess, deconstruct and work smartly toward my goals.”

Part of working smartly includes finding tools to help. For Ian, that means experimenting with AI to write stories based on his prompts in order to help him consistently post content, which is key in his field. “Although it still has a long way to go,” he says, “it’s crazy to see the evolution of technology happening right before our eyes.”

Thinking of making a career change? Check out new episodes of “Epic Career Quest” and explore opportunities from Google Career Certificates.

Episode 1 of "Epic Career Quest" on YouTube

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