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Grow with Google launches new AI Essentials course to help everyone learn to use AI

A video showcasing our new AI Essentials course

Today we’re announcing Google AI Essentials — a self-paced course designed to help people across roles and industries learn AI skills to boost their productivity. No programming skills or other experience required. And to make sure that people from all backgrounds have access to AI training, including this course, has launched a $75 million AI Opportunity Fund to train over 1 million Americans on critical AI skills. Two of the first recipients of the Google AI Opportunity Fund will be the Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF) and Goodwill Industries International.

In this course you’ll learn from our own AI experts at Google and gain hands-on experience using AI. For example, you’ll learn how to use AI tools to help:

  • Develop ideas and content. If you’re stuck at the beginning of a project, use AI tools to help you brainstorm new ideas. In the course, you’ll use a conversational AI tool to generate concepts for a product and develop a presentation to pitch the product.
  • Make more informed decisions. Let’s say you’re planning an event. AI tools can help you research the best location to host it based on your criteria. You can also use AI to help you come up with a tagline or slogan.
  • Speed up daily work tasks. Clear out that inbox faster using AI to help you summarize emails and draft responses.

Throughout the course, you’ll learn how to write effective prompts to get the results you’re looking for and how to identify AI’s potential biases so you can use it responsibly.

After completing the course, you’ll earn a certificate from Google that you can share with your professional network.

We’re collaborating with employers, educational institutions and nonprofits to help people learn practical skills using AI to accomplish everyday tasks and boost their productivity. For example, Citigroup is already committed to building AI Essentials into their employee learning and development programs. Miami Dade College will offer Google AI Essentials to their students. And Stanford Digital Education will make the AI course available to high school students enrolled in its college-prep program.

This work follows Google’s recently announced Generative AI for Educators course, designed to help middle and high school teachers use generative AI tools to personalize instruction to meet student needs, develop creative lessons and activities, and save time on administrative tasks. The two hour course for educators is available online at

Today’s announcement builds on Google’s work to help Americans access digital skills training in local communities, including our Google Career Certificates, with more than 600,000 graduates globally.

Our goal is to ensure that everyone can easily learn to use AI. You can learn more about our efforts or enroll in Google AI Essentials at

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