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How Prados Beauty is using Gemini to grow their business

Video of a small business owner describing her personal and business story, and how she is using emerging technologies, like generative AI, to support her business.

This National Small Business Week, we’re celebrating small business owners embracing emerging technologies like generative AI. Cece Meadows, the founder and CEO of Prados Beauty, initially turned to Google to learn about using digital tools to amplify her brand. Now she’s using Gemini to save time on everyday tasks and brainstorm ideas to grow her business.

Cece launched Prados Beauty from her daughter's nursery in 2019, and later relocated to Las Cruces, New Mexico with her husband Daniel, a U.S. Army major. When she started using Google Ads in 2020, Cece noticed a return on ad spend within two months, seeing a 500% year-over-year increase in web traffic and a 700% jump in sales. “We realized the importance of having Google Ads running daily,” says Cece.

A few years later, Cece participated in a Grow with Google event where she first learned about AI tools, specifically Gemini. “I thought this could help my business in a big, big way,” says Cece. Today, she uses Gemini to help her write social media posts, brainstorm packaging ideas and learn about aspects of building a brand. “Something that would take me all day or even two days to do, I can do it in an hour,” she says. “It’s very helpful for me and my business.”

Like Cece, small business owners can take advantage of AI training and resources like Google AI Essentials — a self-paced course designed to help people across roles and industries learn AI skills to boost their productivity. They can also attend the U.S. Small Business Administration’s National Small Business Week Virtual Summit from April 30 - May 1. Grow with Google will host an AI webinar and virtual booth with resources to help small businesses connect with customers, sell products online and more.

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