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Grow with Google launches a new generative AI course for educators in collaboration with MIT RAISE

An illustration of two teachers standing on either side of a computer screen displaying several Classroom apps

Think back on your favorite teachers. Maybe they made complex subjects seem simple and teaching seem effortless. But the truth is, teachers spend countless hours preparing engaging lesson plans, thoughtful assessments and creative class materials.

AI can be a valuable assistant to teachers in these moments. That’s why Grow with Google, in collaboration with MIT RAISE (Responsible AI for Social Empowerment and Education), is launching a no-cost Generative AI for Educators course, designed to help teachers build essential AI skills, it’s part of a shared commitment to promoting useful and responsible AI education.

In just two hours of self-paced study, teachers can learn how to use generative AI tools to help:

  • Create engaging lesson plans and materials. For example with generative AI, they can input their specific lesson plan and tailor it to student interests like explaining science using sports analogies.
  • Tailor instruction for different abilities. Imagine a teacher who has 25 or 30 kids in their classroom. With generative AI, that teacher can easily modify the same lesson for different reading levels in their class.
  • Save time on everyday tasks like drafting emails and other correspondence. For instance, if a student is out sick teachers can create summaries of that day’s lessons to help make sure the student doesn’t fall behind.

At the end of the course, teachers will earn a certificate that they can present to their district for professional development (PD) credit, depending on district and state requirements.

School districts across the country will offer this Generative AI for Educators course, including Albuquerque Public Schools, Anaheim Union High School District, Chicago Public Schools, Miami-Dade County Public Schools, and Sun Prairie Area School District in Wisconsin.

Whether you’re a Superintendent interested in offering PD credit for your district, or you’re a teacher interested in enrolling in the course, learn more at

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