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Create through code with Grasshopper Gallery

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Since Grasshopper launched in 2018, millions of people with no previous coding experience have learned fundamental programming concepts. As students have learned the basics, they have told us they developed confidence, motivation and a desire to apply their lessons in the real world. Grasshopper has been helping increase access to coding education and helping prepare people for career opportunities in technology. The transition from learning to building is an important part of the process of pursuing a technical career.

As part of Grow with Google, our commitment to increase economic opportunity for everyone, today we’re announcing the launch of the Grasshopper Gallery on desktop to give students a place to build and create.

Applying your coding skills

With our beginner-centered learning environment, students are guided through exercises that teach key coding concepts like functions, loops and variables. Students build coding skills and gain confidence in their abilities as they progress through the curriculum.

Now, with the Grasshopper Gallery, students can apply those skills to create visualizations, mini-games, web pages and more in the Gallery. In this free-form environment, students can start to build using their own imagination and creativity, an important transition for any beginner programmer.

An animation of Grasshopper Gallery on desktop

Showing off your creations 

Through the Gallery, students use code to build their own creations and share their masterpieces with friends, family, and more. Additionally, students can use the Gallery to build their own coding portfolio to showcase their abilities to potential employers or continuing education programs. 

With the launch of the Grasshopper Gallery, students can use skills learned from the core Grasshopper curriculum to build their own creations using code. As technical skills continue to become more important for employment, we will continue working to help adult beginners learn to code to pursue their career dreams. If you’re ready to start learning to code, Grasshopper is available on Android, iOS and desktop.

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