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Building for compliance with the Digital Markets Act

Today, the European Commission announced that Google has been designated as a gatekeeper under the Digital Markets Act (DMA). The DMA is a new piece of legislation designed to harmonize platform regulation across the EU and ensure fair and open digital markets. The legislation comes into effect in March 2024.

We have always believed in offering people and businesses choice and control, and competing on the merits of our services. The DMA will require Google and other companies to make various changes to the way their products and services work. For us, for example, that will mean building on the work we have done to provide consumers with information and opportunities to switch platforms or manage their data (such as Google Takeout and our Google Transparency Reports) and remind people about their choices (such as the choice screens we now offer in Europe).

As we develop our compliance solutions ahead of the deadline next year, we will continue to work closely with the European Commission and other stakeholders. Our aim is to make changes that meet the new requirements while protecting the user experience and providing helpful, innovative and safe products for people in Europe. This means consulting with researchers, engineers and product designers to get this balance right.

We appreciate the open dialogue that people have offered us as we work to get ready for the compliance date and beyond. In the meantime, we will review our designation decision and assess its implications.

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