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The Court’s decision to dismiss much of the Texas AG’s antitrust case

Today, a United States District Court struck down large parts of Texas Attorney General Paxton’s case as being "not plausible."

Importantly, the Court dismissed the allegations about our Open Bidding agreement with Meta — the centerpiece of AG Paxton’s case. Despite his allegations, this has always been a well-publicized, pro-competitive agreement.

The Court also agreed that many of AG Paxton’s claims relating to our technology innovations and practices — like Open Bidding and Accelerated Mobile Pages — are not plausible violations of antitrust law. The Court dismissed his claims about Privacy Sandbox too.

Today's decision underscores how AG Paxton's case is deeply flawed. As we’ve long said, advertising technology is a fiercely competitive industry — and our products increase choice for publishers, advertisers and consumers while enabling small businesses to affordably find new customers. We look forward to setting the record straight about the remaining claims.

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