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Improve customer calls with notifications from AdWords Express

Last year AdWords Express launched goals to help your ads drive better results, like more in-store visits or calls. If you choose calls as your goal, we want to make sure you get the most out of every call.

Today we’re introducing call notifications, an easy way to give feedback on the calls you get through AdWords Express and to track any missed calls.

Get more relevant calls when you give feedback

When you finish a phone call with a customer who found your ad on Google, you’ll get a notification to give feedback on the call’s relevance. This will help AdWords Express better target your ads to the right customers.

Giving feedback is quick and easy. Simply click to tell us if the call was relevant to you.

Connect with every customer who calls your business

Business owners and employees are busy and often can’t pick up the phone. In fact, we see that advertisers miss almost one in five calls they get from their AdWords Express ads. Now, if a potential customer calls while you’re working on something else, you’ll get you’ll get a push notification that allows you to call right back.

You can call your potential customer back right from the notification screen.

Set up call notifications with the AdWords Express app

To receive call notifications, you need the AdWords Express mobile app. Once you have the app on your mobile device, simply go into Settings and opt-in for Account updates. You’ll instantly start receiving helpful alerts about the calls you get from your ads.

If you don’t have the AdWords Express mobile app, you can get it on Android or iOS.

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