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Local Services Ads now supports more businesses

A woman smiles and looks at a mobile device while walking a dog. Next to her, a graphic of a phone screen shows a search on Google for “pet groomer near me.”

As a local business, it’s important to stay connected to your community, especially when they need a hand from someone they can trust. Like if they need to see a dentist right away, their teenager is anxious about their next math test or their dog is (long) overdue for a trip to the groomer.

That’s where Local Services Ads comes in. And now, more than 70 types of businesses can use Local Services Ads to reach people who need help from someone nearby.

More than 70 types of businesses can now use Local Services Ads

With Local Services Ads, you can advertise your services at the top of Google Search results pages and receive quality phone calls, messages and appointment bookings in the areas you choose. Plus, you can easily track performance and manage your leads, including listening to call recordings with potential customers.1 You can also manage your listings, like updating your hours and service areas, either on desktop or through the Local Services Ads mobile app (Android and iOS). Meanwhile, potential customers can see your business information, read reviews, look at photos and either call, message or book2— all directly within your ad.

A gif shows someone booking an appointment with “AAA Plumbing” on a mobile device.

The booking feature is exclusive to home, legal and real estate service businesses that have booking enabled with one of our booking partners.

After starting with home services, Local Services Ads is now available for more than 70 types of service area and storefront businesses. Those include five newly added categories: education, people care, pet care, wellness and health care.

A blue chart labeled “new verticals” lists out the education, people care, pet care, wellness and health care categories, with various examples underneath each.
Two blue columns list various home and professional services. Examples include: carpenter, landscaper and real estate lawyer.
Getting leads can be very difficult, confusing, expensive and time-consuming. But Local Service Ads solved all these problems. ...The price I paid per lead was extremely affordable compared to other forms of advertising. Dillon
Owner, Aesthetics Fitness Club, Scottsdale, AZ

Help your business stand out with a badge of trust

Verified badges can help your business stand out even more. Home service providers can earn a Google Guarantee badge, while non-home providers can earn a Google Screened or License Verified by Google badge to display on their ads. These badges help potential customers feel confident booking your services, knowing you’re a fully licensed and vetted, Google-backed business.

An ad showing the Google Guaranteed badge for “Bob’s Home Remodeling” and the Google Screened badge for “Elite Fitness.”
We’ve been in business since 2018 but now we’ve started expanding. With Local Services Ads, I’m getting phone calls every day from new customers and averaged 33 … leads per month in Q4’22. It's great. Vivian
Owner, Proper Paws Pet Parlour, Lancaster, CA

If you don’t see your business type included in Local Services Ads yet, stay tuned. With the demand for trusted local services on the rise and more businesses looking for ways to reach new customers, we’re working on ways to expand its offering. In the meantime, learn more about Local Services Ads.

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Call recording availability may vary by vertical and country.


The bookings feature is not available in all geos and verticals.

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