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Reimagining the Google supply chain

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Ever wonder how something like the Google Pixel starts out as a design and ends up in the palm of your hand?

To make products, like the Google Pixel, and all the technology that powers them—like Search, Gmail and YouTube—we rely on our supply chain. As we create more products and services for you, we also expand the reach of our supply chain to include new places, people and materials. Today, this includes more than 500 suppliers around the world who support our operations and manufacture hardware for devices and data centers.

As we work to continuously improve the way we design, source, produce, deliver, repair, and recover products, we wanted to share our commitment to create value along the entire supply chain. In our Responsible Supply Chain report, you’ll learn how we are working with individuals, communities and environments to do so. The report highlights our commitments and the progress we’ve made in areas like worker well-being, environmental impact and conflict minerals.

See the supply chain in action with immersive VR

If you want to learn more about where materials and products come from and the people and places that help create the devices we use in our daily lives, take a look at two new virtual reality project.  

In our Made by Me VR experience, you’ll see what it’s like to walk in a worker’s shoes for the day at a Flex supplier factory in Zhuhai, China. With a smartphone and Daydream View, Cardboard, or another VR headset, you’ll be immersed in a 360-degree environment of the factory where you can view the factory floor and scan the faces of workers during an impromptu break-time corner.  

Next up, in the Journey Of Gold, we will take you to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) to see how the Nyamurhale mine—which once sold illegally mined, taxed and smuggled gold—has now implemented systems to aid conflict-free gold sourcing.

Similar to these two stories, we envision a supply chain that equally values people's lives, the environment, and local communities. Through transparency and collaboration, our goal is to unlock new possibilities and advance the technology industry toward a more sustainable future. Learn more at

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