Announcing the Google AdSense Site Approvals video series

The new AdSense Site Approvals video series is now fully available on the Google AdSense YouTube channel.

Account approval video image

If you want to start monetizing your online content with Google AdSense but either got an initial rejection or you’re simply not sure where to start, this series will be a useful resource for you. Throughout the episodes you’ll build on your policy knowledge to get your content ready for approval with AdSense. 

Here’s what the series has in store:

  • Episode 1: Overview: In this video, Aurora (yours truly) and Andy — a publisher in the making — welcome you to the series and take you through a high-level look of the AdSense Site Approvals process.

  • Episode 2: Site Ownership and Basic Checks: Aurora and Andy go through the steps you’ll need to follow to confirm the ownership of the website you’re planning to monetize.

  • Episode 3: Good and Bad Traffic: In this episode, Aurora and Andy define what good and bad traffic look like, to help publishers get their content approved for monetization on Google AdSense.

  • Episode 4: Quality Content: Aurora and Andy help you better understand what good content looks like, how it qualifies you for Google AdSense approval and how we define bad content.

  • Episode 5: Navigation: In this video, Aurora and Andy talk about Navigation — how easy or difficult is it for your users to get around your content — and how important this is when getting your site approved on Google AdSense.

  • Episode 6: Rejections and Next Steps: In the season finale, Andy manages to get his site approved by Google AdSense and himself and Aurora are surprised by a new aspiring AdSense publisher. They provide an overview of what to do to get a site up to standards for monetization with Google AdSense.

Ensuring a healthy digital advertising ecosystem means that we are constantly balancing the needs of users, advertisers and publishers.

Because we’re aware that it’s difficult to run a business while keeping up with policies, restrictions and their updates, my team works very hard meeting content creators where they are. Some might be at the beginning of their journey with AdSense, while others are seasoned industry leads. Our transparency efforts are based on your feedback and requests for educational content; you are the reason why we participate in policy webinars, write blog posts, improve our Help Center articles, collaborate with online media and create video content.

Be sure to keep an eye out for more policy video guides on the Google AdSense YouTube channel. If you have any questions, feel free to visit our Help Center any time, or head over to the Google AdSense Help Community

We hope you enjoy the series!