Introducing Related search for content pages

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We’re always looking for ways to help publishers make more money through high-quality ads. AdSense for search already plays an important role by allowing publishers to monetize search results on their own website or mobile app. And today, we’re introducing Related search for content in AdSense for search, a new feature for publishers to create even more useful search experiences on their sites.

Animation of mobile phone scrolling through the Related search experience, highlighting an example article about things to do in Barcelona.

Related search for content is a contextual navigation unit that shows users search terms related to the page they’re viewing on a publisher’s website. When they click a search term, they're taken to a search results page on the publisher’s site where they can explore other relevant topics, including search ads. As a result, Related search for content can help publishers increase site engagement — including site traffic, pageviews and ad impressions — and drive incremental revenue.

As a contextual unit, Related search for content is a privacy-preserving solution. It uses page content, instead of user data, to deliver relevant search terms. Meanwhile, ads on the search page target the search term the user clicked on, rather than actual user data.

If you’re interested in using Related search for content, please contact your account manager to activate AdSense for search for your AdSense account.

For more information and future updates, check out our help page.