Introducing the new and improved Auto ads

Introducing the new and improved Auto ads

This time last year, we committed to making AdSense more assistive and powerful. We're excited to announce a significant update to AdSense; Auto ads are now easier to use and come with better controls to customize the ad experience for your users.

What’s changing

Easy setup and management

- No more messing with ad codes! Auto ads now work through any AdSense ad unit code, so using them on your existing sites is as easy as turning them on in your account.
- For new sites, just add them in the Sites page, copy-paste the AdSense code and turn on Auto ads.

AdSense Auto ads

- For pages where you don't want to use Auto ads, add those URLs to your “Page exclusions” list. You can exclude individual pages or entire sections of your site.

- You can see the full summary of your Auto ads settings for each of your sites as an overview.

Greater customization

- You can preview how Auto ads look on your site before they go live.

Introducing the new and improved Auto ads-2

- You can delete specific ad placements inside the preview using the “delete” button. Auto ads will immediately generate a placement in a new location for you to review.

- You can easily specify the Ad formats that Auto ads places on your site, including Matched content.

- You can control the number of Auto ads you'd like to show on your pages by using the Ad load slider.

Updated reporting

- We're updating our reports to allow you to easily see Auto ads and manual ad unit performance side by side for each of your sites.

Introducing the new and improved Auto ads-3

Don’t forget to check your Auto ads settings in the new Ads > Overview page to see these changes apply to your sites.

Over the coming weeks, we'll email to let you know that your account has the new Auto ads, and provide further information.

Experiments are coming!

We've received many requests to make it easier to test Auto ads and get accurate performance metrics. We're currently working on creating a new experiment type to make this possible. 

Together with the changes highlighted above, and a new experiment type, you'll be able to see how Auto ads will look on a site, and test out the performance on a portion of the traffic of a site before enabling them fully.