Prioritize and fix issues in the new Policy center

Visual describing a web site that has an exclamation point to describe ad placement on a non policy compliant site.

A few years ago, we introduced the Policy center in Ad Manager, AdMob and AdSense to provide publishers with a single, centralized hub to review and monitor policy violations and appeals. This helps ensure they have the information they need to monetize their inventory and remain policy compliant.

Starting today, our Policy center has a brand new look. As part of this update, we’re introducing new features — like the ability to report the number of ad requests affected by policy issues, and advanced filters that are designed to help you better understand, prioritize and resolve issues.

What's changing?

Improved account health summary

The new and improved account health summary now provides a quick overview of the total number of sites and apps with issues, highlighting the number of issues that are a “Must fix.” This can help publishers better prioritize the issues that require their attention. The account health summary also shows the impact on ads serving for any given page where ads have been disabled or restricted.

A white chart with progress bars and section titles ‘Total items affected’, ‘Must fix items affected’ and the percentages of ‘Disabled ad serving’, ‘Restricted ad serving’ and ‘Ad serving at risk’ as well as ‘Regular ad serving’.

Robust filtering

We have added more robust filtering and search capabilities across the issue table, which lists current issues waiting to be resolved in the Policy Center. Publishers can now filter the tables using single or multiple columns, such as all issues reported on a given date that are a “Must fix.” A list of issues can also be downloaded as a CSV file for a filtered view.

A white filter bar showing the ‘Must fix’ and ‘Ad request’ filters, with an option to Download CSV in blue text.

Comprehensive issue table

Issues across sites and apps are now part of a single issue table, so Ad Manager publishers have a more comprehensive view of issues across their inventory. We have also introduced a new aggregate column — “Ad requests - last 7 days” — to help publishers understand the impact of each issue and prioritize them accordingly. The full table can now be sorted by column.

A white graph with columns for affected sites and apps, the issue location, status, issues, ad requests, date reported, and action. In the "Action" column, there is an option in each row to "Fix" in blue text.

What’s next?

We're bringing more changes to help you solve issues faster, including enabling screenshots of issues in the Policy center. This will help you pinpoint exactly where the issue is, and give you the context to fix it quickly.

To learn more about the Policy center, check out our Inside the Policy center video series.