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Why this healthcare provider relies on Android Enterprise

A doctor uses a Samsung Galaxy tablet to show her patient medical information in a home visit.

At Amedisys, our number-one goal is providing the best care possible to our patients. Equipping caregivers with Android tablets gives them the tools they need to succeed so they can focus on patient care.

All of our 16,900 caregivers use a lightweight Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite tablet to access electronic medical records (EMR) solutions, communicate with doctors and care teams, share content with patients and undergo training. Here’s a deeper look at how we rely on this technology.

Switching to Android Enterprise for seamless management

To give caregivers access to the records they need while visiting patients across different locations, we initially installed software created in-house on Windows laptops. However, we quickly realized caregivers needed a mobile solution that was easy to adopt and use while being simple for IT to deploy and manage.

With Android Enterprise, we reduced the time and IT resources required to onboard a new employee by 50 percent. Travis Reeves
Systems Administrator at Amedisys

When Amedisys discovered all the inherent Android Enterprise features, like full-device encryption, enterprise-grade app controls, compatibility with our MDM platform Microsoft Intune and electronic medical records (EMR) program availability on the Google Play store, our decision to go with Android tablets was an easy one.

We’ve enrolled thousands of employees with hundreds of new hires coming online each week. The process is very hands-off: With remote device deployment, we configure devices that are ready to use out of the box, helping us onboard more employees faster while requiring less resources from IT. In fact, with Android Enterprise, we reduced the time and IT resources required to onboard a new employee by 50 percent.

Security comes first in healthcare

Security is a top priority for Amedisys. Our security and compliance teams constantly ensure that our security and compliance safeguards meet HIPAA standards and that we keep data safe.

Android Enterprise secures devices with a multi-layered approach that includes spanning verified boot, device encryption and a trusted execution environment that’s been tested and certified at scale. We also restrict app downloads by setting policies in the Google Play store. And we use our MDM to set policies for data control — for example, we’re able to tightly control web browsing and prevent copy and paste of content or data to apps and locations outside our ecosystem.

Easy to use, for IT administrators and employees

As we continue to grow as a company, often through acquisitions, using Android Enterprise devices helps us streamline the process of equipping new caregivers. We only need one person to manage it, and it only takes about 30 minutes. The Android Enterprise platform and our MDM automate the process of provisioning and deprovisioning tablets so when a new device is issued, all apps are preloaded and single sign-on has been activated. Users only need to follow a few prompts to access the necessary work apps .

Attentive care and a lean IT team

Our IT staff is surprisingly small for such a large company. We have a security and compliance team and a two-tier support staff, plus a mobility team — and I’m the sole person in charge of Android admin. A company of a similar size might have a dozen or so admins for its mobile device program. But thanks to remote management and how easy our tablets are to use, we don’t need to maintain IT teams at our satellite offices.

Android Enterprise is an important partner in helping us grow. It’s also a crucial part of helping us manage every interaction with patients and check on their progress, so that we provide the very best patient care.

To learn more about Android Enterprise, you can check out a self-guided demo or contact a solution partner of your choice here.

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