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Android Enterprise Recommended adds Samsung, more partners

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We launched the Android Enterprise Recommended program in 2018 to help customers select, deploy and manage devices with more confidence. Since our initial introduction with seven device manufacturers, we’ve expanded the program to more than 30 global partners, most recently adding devices from leading manufacturers such as Lenovo, OnePlus, Oppo, and Xiaomi. To make Android Enterprise Recommended even more useful, we're welcoming Samsung Galaxy devices into the program.

The Android Enterprise Recommended program has become a critical tool for enterprise customers, helping them easily evaluate and approve devices that meet Google’s requirements for hardware, software and updates. This flexibility and device choice is even more pressing during Covid as businesses support more distributed workers. According to IDC senior research analyst Bryan Bassett, 84 percent of US IT decision makers are planning to invest more in mobility as a result of the current business climate.

We’ve heard from a number of customers like SAP, who appreciate that our validated devices establish a baseline they can rely on for quality and consistency in their mobility programs.

“Android Enterprise Recommended helped SAP to easily find Android devices that meet our security, technology, total cost of ownership approach and provided a range of devices to meet our users' needs,” said Christian Lohde, Enterprise IT Architecture Manager with SAP.

Each year we evolve the program requirements to bring more value to customers. This year, we’re rolling out updates to the requirements for Android 11 that focus on tighter hardware specifications, improved testing and more transparency around device update support. The new requirements will be reflected in the updated Android Enterprise Solutions Directory to help customers identify devices best suited to their needs. The Enterprise Solutions Directory now includes information on: 

  • Last date of security updates from device manufacturers
  • Android release running on a device when validated as Android Enterprise Recommended 
  • Regional availability of devices
  • Critical industry certifications, such as Common Criteria

Also, with our announcement today that Android zero-touch enrollment is now available on all 9.0+ devices, customers have an additional option to deploy Samsung Galaxy devices in addition to Knox Mobile Enrollment.

Samsung has been a key player in the mobile enterprise space for many years, and we’re excited to have them on board as we make it easier for customers transitioning to a mobile workforce. We look forward to recommending Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets to our enterprise customers to provide them with great devices for security, efficiency and productivity.

You can expect to see us working even closer together to help companies achieve their mobility goals. Read more about this in Samsung’s press release here

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