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How we’re making Android Enterprise signup and access to Google services better

Illustration of a phone with the Android bot on it surrounded by an icon for a laptop, tablet, the Google Chrome browser and Google Workspace apps — all of which are connected by dotted lines.

The sum is greater than its parts — or at least it is when it comes to using Android and Google products at work.

At Android Enterprise, our goal is to help you get work done. We know that people rely on Google services in their day-to-day jobs, from using Google Maps to navigate to customer meetings, to using Google Workspace for productivity and collaboration. We want to ensure that we bring the best of Google’s technology to our users, including our latest AI technology, to help you and your team stay productive as you move from phone to tablet to laptop — and back again. Here’s what we’ve been up to.

Easy signup for multiple Google products at once

To get the full benefit of the Google ecosystem, it’s important that you have the ability to sign up for multiple Google business products at the same time. That’s why you’ll now find a more intuitive signup process for deploying Google products for work alongside Android Enterprise.

If you’re an IT admin signing up for Android Enterprise, you can now use your corporate email address instead of a personal Gmail account. This can reduce the risk of lost or deleted accounts and improves overall credential management, requiring fewer sign-ins and creating a more unified experience across your Google business products and services.

As part of this tighter integration, you can also now perform certain setup tasks centrally through the Google Admin console, such as syncing users and configuring single sign-on (SSO). These selections apply to multiple Google product deployments, saving you time and ensuring consistency across your IT environment.

And if you’d like to add additional Google products like Chrome Enterprise Upgrade for Chromebooks, Chrome Browser Cloud Management or Google Workspace to your Android Enterprise account, you no longer need separate registrations. During signup, or later in the Google Admin Console, simply select the products you want to add to automatically enable them for your workforce.

Finally, the improved signup experience will allow you to bind multiple enterprise mobility management (EMM) instances to your organization’s account, making it easier to use testing and production environments in parallel or transition to a new EMM vendor.

Improved employee experiences

Google’s apps and services can help you get work done, and Android lets you do it on the go. Previously, Android Enterprise users often had limited access to these services. But now, IT admins can more easily enable a range of Google services for employees, including Google Workspace on their Android devices, so they can stay productive on the move.

One of the most exciting aspects of tighter integration between Android Enterprise and Google’s other platforms and services is the ability to create better cross-device experiences. Tighter integration unlocks a range of enterprise features similar to Android’s Better Together initiative, but with the added security and management that you’ve come to expect from Android Enterprise and IT admin control. These features include:

Deepening the integration between Google’s other enterprise products and Android also lays the foundation for AI-powered productivity at work. For example, Gemini for Google Workspace offers business access to Google’s most capable AI models with security and privacy controls for businesses. Users can get help from Gemini directly in the Gmail app, or through the standalone web app at, with more experiences coming to mobile soon. In fact, the Gemini mobile app will soon be available across all Android Enterprise devices in the coming months, including fully-managed devices and those using an Android Work Profile.

If you want to learn more and are new to Android Enterprise, visit our Solutions Directory to find an EMM partner to help you sign up and get started. If you’re a current Android Enterprise customer, stay tuned for updates from your EMM partner as these updates begin to roll out later this year.

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