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The Android Management API is ready for work, with new use cases and more features

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Managing enterprise devices shouldn’t be complicated. Back in 2017 we introduced the Android Management API so developers could spend less time developing complex management applications and get back to building new services for their customers.

During the last year, we’ve worked closely with partners like Microsoft to bring dedicated device capabilities powered by the Android Management API into production with customers of all sizes and use cases. Now we’re pleased to introduce work profile and fully managed device support to the Android Management API, bringing the Android Management API out of beta by offering a complete suite of management features for nearly any use case.

Even more features, still just as simple

Whether you’re a full-featured EMM, an all-in-one solution provider that needs to lock down a device, or an IT professional looking to deploy a custom management solution, it’s never been easier to help your users be productive on Android.

Developers of all kinds use the Android Management API to enroll and apply policy to Android devices using only a server-side API, managing entire device fleets with just a couple REST API calls. Without the need to develop or QA a custom Android management app, the Android Management API helps developers get to market faster and deliver more of Android’s latest features to customers.

Different solutions for all types of developers

Since launching support for dedicated devices last year, we've been inspired by what our partners have built: from Taxi meters to customer satisfaction kiosks, in-house management solutions to Microsoft Intune’s new dedicated device solution, our partners are modernizing their industries and growing new ones with the power and flexibility of Android.

Now with work profile and fully managed device support, the Android Management API makes it easier to deploy Android Enterprise across a full suite of use cases. With enrollment link provisioning, users can set up a work profile in seconds, with no Play store download required. Or they can simply scan a QR code at the device welcome screen to set up a fully managed device for corporate-owned device fleets.

Android Management API

In fact, the Android Management API supports everything you need to become an Android Enterprise partner and get your work profile, fully managed device, and dedicated device solution listed in our directory.

Get started today

The Android Management API is the easiest way to start managing Android devices. Get a device provisioned in minutes with our new interactive Colab, and go to to learn more.

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