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Get into "Focus mode" at work with help from Android

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Holding your focus and attention at work can sometimes be a challenge, but Android offers helpful tools so that you can reduce distractions and get work done on your own terms. Whether it’s news alerts, social media, or other apps you find distracting, Focus mode lets you pause apps that could keep you from tackling those important tasks. The work profile also clearly labels work apps in a separate tab, so you can quickly access the important ones you need to get your job done.

Get in the zone with Focus mode

Use Focus mode to pause apps in your personal profile that you find distracting.

focus mode schedule.gif

Pause selected apps with Focus mode.

Once you turn on Focus mode, the apps you chose will be grayed out on your screen and their notifications will be hidden. Also, any notifications from those apps are put on hold until Focus mode is turned off.


With one tap, turn on Focus mode and quiet any potential distractions.

To suit your work hours, you can create a daily schedule with Focus mode so it launches automatically during the time period you specify. If you’re on a lunch break or need to check any of the paused apps, you can take a break from Focus mode to use those apps for a short period.  When the break’s over, Focus mode resumes automatically so those apps won’t bother you.

take a break.png

Take a break for a while, then Focus mode will turn back on.

Work profile organizes the apps you need

On personally enabled devices, the work profile helps you quickly get to the apps you need. When it’s time to step away from work, you can pause the work profile—work apps will be unavailable and won’t send you any notifications until they’re back on.

work profile android.png

Pause work profile to snooze notifications and apps.

Focus mode and work profile are among the many ways that Android works the way you want. Learn more about what Android can do for you at work.

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