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The new generation of work-ready Android devices is here

It was awesome to see Samsung unboxing the new Galaxy S7 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona today. This device combines Samsung’s exceptional handset design with the flexibility of Android Marshmallow — including enterprise features built-in with Android for Work — plus extended Samsung Knox security features to further protect both personal and work data. 

Android Marshmallow: designed for today’s mobile workplace

Android Marshmallow has been designed to meet the needs of today’s mobile business users with an enhanced experience for work and personal profiles, improved connectivity, extended storage options, smarter battery management, faster Now on Tap access to what you need most and greater device choice.

New device management APIs and remote capabilities accelerate fleet deployment, streamline management and provide greater visibility of activities like data usage for IT administrators.

Where Lollipop helped organizations to confidently embrace a bring your own device (BYOD) policy for the workforce, Marshmallow enables corporate owned single use (COSU) devices — those that serve a single purpose, such as point of sale, vending machines, reception kiosks and inflight entertainment. Historically these deployments require a highly customized OS, but M turns Android into a powerful platform for custom app developers with control for device administrators to meet all of these needs out of the box.

Developers are able to create richer applications in less time thanks to runtime and performance enhancements, including an optimized compiler, reduced memory overhead, just-in-time debugging and overall faster application performance.

Android’s sandboxes, verified boot and SD card encryption secure against theft, loss and malicious software for devices, applications, user privacy and both workplace and private data.

Extended security with Samsung Knox

Always-on, real-time protection

Business users and organizations are further protected by boot up and runtime security features tied to the integrity of both hardware and software. If an S7 is tampered with or gets rooted, Knox can disable access to the entire device.

Secure Boot and Trusted Boot prevent a compromised device from accessing enterprise data, apps and networks by disabling access upon detection of an attack.

In the event of an advanced attack targeting of the operating system or sensitive system data — even after a successful uncompromised boot — KNOX constantly protects the Android kernel with Real-Time Kernel Protection (RKP).

Growing network of carriers providing updates

Samsung’s new Enterprise Device Program continues to grow, serving customers in over 100 countries and with carriers now sending customers critical updates that include both core Android and specific Samsung patches to maximize device security.

Defense-grade protection for all users

Sensitive Data Protection (SDP) is designed for use in high-security installations, such as military and government applications. Recognising that other users should be able to benefit from the same level of advanced protection, Samsung invites all developers to use the SDP SDK to protect sensitive data.

To learn more about the Samsung GS7 and the security features of Android and Samsung Knox check out Samsung’s website, here.

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