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New tools to automate enterprise app distribution with managed Google Play

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Managed Google Play provides a simple, standard way for enterprises to deliver applications to their organizations. It offers a secure and familiar interface to share both internal and third-party apps with managed Android devices.

Automating the app distribution process is an efficient method for quickly getting apps out to your team, and today we’re highlighting how Google tools can now make that simpler and faster with the addition of fastlane support via the Custom App Publishing API.

App automation with fastlane

As part of the Firebase mobile development platform, fastlane offers a set of developer tools that help automate app builds and releases. Now, fastlane supports managed Google Play by integrating with the Custom App Publishing API.

The open source fastlane platform offers a suite of app automation tools that can automate screenshots, manage beta deployments, as well as sign and push apps to the Play store. It helps save time, as it can configure and run releases without building custom release tools.

Give it a try if you’re looking to automate multiple aspects of your workflow. The documentation for fastlane provides specific details for developers.

Quicker custom app publishing

The Google Play Custom App Publishing API is another key tool for enterprise mobility management (EMM) providers, third-party developers, and other organizations that want to enable their enterprise customers to publish private apps directly from their end-user interface.

The key benefit is the ability to automate the creation of apps, without any code, which enables enterprise customers to publish and distribute private apps to employees even faster.

Getting started

It’s now easier to deploy and manage your private enterprise apps with managed Google Play, which provides access to the world’s largest app ecosystem. With fastlane, you can quickly deploy your applications without the need to code the solution. However, if you prefer to write your own software and integrate your own tools, you can use the Custom App Publishing API.

For more technical information, see our blog post on our Android Developer publication that details how developers can take advantage of these tools.

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