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Android Enterprise security delivers for flexible work

Android Enterprise hybrid work

As many companies integrate return to the office plans with existing work-from-home strategies, a key component is building a device management and security strategy centered on remote access. In this era of hybrid work,  mobility is the critical link for workers who need the ability to connect to company resources from anywhere. 

A recent Forrester report highlights why IT administrators should use on-device security and enterprise management features to build a powerful and adaptive security strategy, noting how remote access is now paramount for business continuity. Organizations can enable the multilayered protections and management features in Android Enterprise to help their teams thrive in this hybrid world, giving teams powerful built-in security without layers of complexity.

Security built in as a foundation

In its research, Forrester found that 78% of IT admins surveyed are planning to increase their use of on-device security in the next year. When it comes to anti-malware defense, securely configuring devices and managing mobile applications, Android offers enterprise-grade security solutions that meet the needs of today’s organizations. 

Forrester recommends that operating system platform security be the key foundation to a device security strategy. With Android Enterprise, organizations benefit from on-device protection that is built to help secure data, protect employee privacy and equip IT admins with a rich set of management features. The report calls out how Android makes use of the anti-malware protections in Google Play Protect to provide an ongoing defense against potentially harmful apps.  In doing so, an IT security team can rely heavily on such built-in features to achieve the security posture that businesses of all sizes require to defend against complex attacks. 

Our recently updated Android Enterprise Security Paper provides a comprehensive review of the hardware and software security features available in Android which can be trusted for accessing critical and sensitive information.

Security admins need, privacy employees require

Android provides a depth of security features that are built to provide automatic defenses against many layers of threats. Google Play Protect uses machine learning to adapt to changing security threats, providing organizations a built-in solution at no cost.

The Android work profile gives organizations flexibility to securely enroll personal devices and provide greater privacy on corporate-owned smartphones and tablets. In its report, Forrester notes Android comes with strong data isolation and protection features with the Android work profile. By separating personal and work apps on devices with distinct encryption keys for each profile, Android gives admins a built-in solution to provide employees with secure access that aligns to their work styles without sharing any access to data from personal apps on devices with IT.

Managed Google Play lets admins specify which public or internal apps can be installed in the work profile. The granular levels of security available to admins from Android Enterprise APIs and the built-in security through services like Google Play Protect serve as a strong foundation for mounting a robust threat defense. In addition, the SafetyNet Attestation API integrates with partner Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions to verify that devices have not been compromised. This now includes hardware-backed evaluations as an indicator of a stronger device integrity evaluation. 

No matter where your teams are working, you can have confidence in the platform and management security features found in Android Enterprise. Learn more about building an on-device strategy from the Forrester report, and go in-depth on integrating features with our security paper.

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