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Zero-touch enrollment goes big with expanded availability

Zero-touch enrollment

Three years ago, we launched Android zero-touch enrollment to make scaled deployment of Android devices seamless and secure. Since then, we’ve partnered with almost 300 global resellers, with another 100 partners poised to add support shortly. And we have customers who are now deploying hundreds of thousands of devices in one go, lighting up secure, managed devices with ease. 

“With zero-touch enrollment, our IT team enrolls and configures devices quickly — they’re ready for use with the right apps right out of the box.” said Chadhi Mraghni, Director of Information Systems for O2 Care Services, which provides healthcare and home support services throughout France. “This process has shaved thousands of hours off of our device setup time when compared to our previous management mode, freeing up our admins to focus on other strategic tasks to support our teams.”

Expanding zero-touch to all 9.0+ devices

We are now building on the momentum of zero-touch by expanding its reach and streamlining the management experience for organizations.

First, we’re making zero-touch available on all Android 9.0+ devices through an update in Google Play Services. With this update, all recent devices — including Samsung devices — will support zero-touch. Customers deploying Samsung devices now have the option to choose between two services: Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment or zero-touch, depending on their needs and preferences.

Second, we’re making it easier for enterprises to configure their devices by integrating zero-touch into their existing enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution. Organizations can now link their accounts to automatically configure and manage their zero-touch devices from within their EMM console, instead of having to utilize the zero-touch portal. 

This update removes friction from device configuration, since zero-touch now understands which EMM solution a customer is using and applies auto-generated configurations, all from the EMM console they use every day. 

Coming to resellers this year

Zero-touch on all Android 9.0+ devices is rolling out now to resellers and will be supported by all zero-touch resellers by the end of 2020. EMM partners are currently adding the integrated zero-touch experience to their consoles, which is a new advanced feature available in all Android Enterprise Recommended EMMs in 2021. Work with a zero-touch enrollment reseller and your EMM to begin enrolling new and existing devices.

With these updates, we believe zero-touch enrollment becomes an even more powerful tool in the hands of enterprise customers, helping you mobilize with greater speed, simplicity and security. Check out our webinar to learn more about the value of zero-touch and what these new updates can do for your business.

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