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6 Android experiences to see at MWC Barcelona

Image of Android open space at MWC event - green android robot statue in front of billboard.

At MWC Barcelona, we’re sharing how our latest AI technologies and multi-device experiences can help you get more done across the Android ecosystem.

Here are six experiences to see at MWC this week. And if you’re not on the ground, follow along from home using the hashtags #MWC24 and #Android.

1. Try Circle to Search

Only on Android, Circle to Search lets you instantly search anywhere on your phone without switching apps. In the Circle to Search exhibit at MWC, explore what you can circle, highlight, scribble or tap — like interesting landmarks, dishes you want to try and more. Circle to Search is available now on select Android premium phones, including the Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy S24 series.1

A person uses their finger to draw a circle on the screen of a phone, highlighting a green bag.

2. Get that picture-perfect shot with Best Take on Pixel 8 and 8 Pro

Best Take is an AI-powered feature in Google Photos on Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro that helps you nail a group photo. Try it out with your own group at MWC — just take a few photos and Best Take will capture everyone’s best expression in one shot.

Two MWC attendees pose for a photo in front of a floral backdrop, with a third person taking a photo of them using a Pixel 8 phone.

3. See Pixel Fold's Dual Screen interpreter mode in action

Pixel Fold’s Dual Screen interpreter mode displays live translations to help break down language barriers. At MWC, you’ll see that the Fold's unique design displays translations on both screens (one on each side), so you can have a natural, uninterrupted conversation — which is especially helpful when you’re traveling.

A girl holds a Pixel Fold, half-flipped open, while talking to another person. She says, 'Welcome to MWC,' and the Spanish translation appears on the phone's outer screen. This allows the other person to understand her by seeing the translation displayed.

4. Give new Android Auto features a spin

Step into the BMW i5 M60, and be one of the first to experience new messaging features on Android Auto.2 Using AI, Android Auto automatically summarizes long texts (even group chats) and suggests relevant replies so you can keep in touch without compromising safety on the road. While you’re behind the wheel, explore the latest apps on Android Auto, including productivity apps like Zoom, smart home apps and more.

A photo showcasing a red BMW i5 M60 parked diagonally in front of an Android Auto sign.

5. Tune into a discussion on AI

On February 26 at 15:15 CET, Google DeepMind CEO and Co-Founder Demis Hassabis will join renowned tech journalist Steven Levy on the MWC Main Stage, Hall 4 for a fireside chat called “A new era of intelligence.” They’ll discuss the ways AI is poised to transform our world — from tackling major scientific problems like energy, climate change and drug discovery, to transforming the way people create, communicate and do business. Tune in live. And if you’re feeling inspired after the session, swing by our space to chat with Gemini and collaborate with the best of Google AI.

Left side headshot of Demis Hassabis the CEO of Deepmind, right side headshot of Steven Levy the editor in chief of WIRED

6. See how McLaren’s F1 racing team uses Google technology

From Chrome browser to Android, McLaren's Formula 1 racing team relies on our technology in the McLaren Technology Centre and at the track to improve collaboration and better analyze track data.3 In fact, this technology contributed to McLaren’s world record-breaking fastest F1 pit stop last season (at 1.80 seconds).

In our demo space, check out how the McLaren F1 team uses Android devices to take their performance to the next level. You’ll see how McLaren uses Android-powered Samsung devices — including Galaxy smartphones, watches and tablets — across its race weekend operations. For example, they used Galaxy S22 Ultra devices to provide live, 360-degree footage to the team during pit stop practice. They also used Quick Share to share clips to a Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra to allow for real-time viewing and annotation of their pit stops.

A gleaming McLaren F1 race car, showcasing the Android partnership, waits poised behind a transparent glass barrier.

Visit us at MWC

If you’re at MWC this week, come visit Android Avenue between Halls 2 and 3. And look out for the Android Bot throughout the conference, including in interactive holograms. You can even customize your own Android Bot, whether you're attending MWC or joining in on the fun from home.

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Compatible Android phone and compatible active data plan required. Some features may not be available in all countries and may vary by car and/or device manufacturer. Internet connection may be required. Use features when safe to do so.


Google Chrome and Android are sponsors of McLaren Racing.

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