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Nearby Share for Windows is now officially available

An Android phone is highlighted with a green background, showing files being shared with a Windows PC with a blue background.

With nearly 3 billion active Android devices around the world, Nearby Share provides an easy way to share files across your phones, tablets, Chromebooks and more devices. Earlier this year, Nearby Share expanded with a beta to support Windows PCs, allowing you to connect a new type of hardware with nearby Android devices.

Nearby Share for Windows, available as an app download on PCs around the world, has now been installed by more than 1.7 million people. With photos and videos being the most popular file types to send, we’ve seen over 50 million files transferred between PC and Android devices since launch. No need to search for any cables or cords – sharing media to your own devices or with nearby friends and family is possible with just a few clicks.

Today marks the official launch of Nearby Share with Windows, offering improved performance and new functionality that can make it even easier for you to share content and stay productive.

What’s new with Nearby Share on your PC

Since the app launched in beta in March 2023, Android has continued to improve overall speed and reliability. Updates have helped to reduce crashes and increase the success rate of file transfers. With today’s official release, we’re also adding new product improvements to the Nearby Share for Windows app:

  • We’ve added the estimated time for file transfers to be completed. This can be helpful when you’re sending large files like videos or entire folders and want to see how quickly it will be shared.
  • There is also now an image preview within device notifications to help you confirm that the correct file is being shared.
  • A blue computer screen shows a white window of the Nearby Share app.

    New estimated time for file transfers to be completed.

  • A blue computer screen shows an image notification in the bottom right, displaying a green tent in the woods.

    New image preview within device notifications.

  • A video with a blue background shows a phone with an off-white background and a computer with a blue background transferring files to one another using Nearby Share.

Coming to Nearby Share on Windows

To make sharing between Android devices and PCs even more seamless, we’re working with partners like HP to include the Nearby Share app on select Windows PCs, such as the HP Dragonfly Pro.

We’ll continue to work on Nearby Share for Windows, adding new functionality and listening to your feedback.

Download the Nearby Share for Windows app on our website, and visit our Help Center for more information.

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