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Illustration of three Android phones and an Android tablet displaying new Android features
Helpful new features are coming to Android

Android is constantly adding features to better connect with the people and devices around you. Today, we’re introducing a set of updates to help your phone stand out as much as you do. From more expressive ways to message your friends, to subtle but smart upgrades to entertainment and accessibility, we ensure that every interaction with your Android device is more helpful than the last.

Add a personal touch to messaging with Gboard

Animated demonstration of a message turning into a decorative sticker at the touch of a button.

Caption: Add some flair to your messages with custom text stickers.

A picture is worth a thousand words — but Gboard can now turn your words into pictures, too. Previously available on Pixel phones, custom text stickers will soon be available to all Android Gboard users typing in English-U.S., allowing you to type what you want to say, select a design and share your message with your nearest and dearest.

Celebrate summer and Pride with new Emoji Kitchen stickers

Animation of a hand opening Messages, creating a watermelon soccer ball emoji and sending it to a contact.

Caption: Enjoy more celebratory emoji mashups to share with your friends.

New emoji mashups have arrived just in time for summer (for those of you in the Southern hemisphere, we got you covered too) with Emoji Kitchen. There are more than 1600 new combinations to help you express your excitement — like when you want to show how much you’re looking forward to your upcoming summer vacation 🏕️🏖️ or add a little hot summer twist to your usual go-to emoji (watermelon soccer ball, anyone?). We also have lots of rainbow-based stickers to help you embrace Pride Month in many unique ways. 🏳️‍🌈

Better conversations and connections with new accessibility features

Animated demonstration of how Sound Amplifier settings can boost audio and reduce background noise levels.

Caption: Amplify the sounds you want to hear, and filter out the sounds you don't.

Designed for and with people with hearing loss, Sound Amplifier uses your phone to amplify and filter important sounds around you. Today’s update brings improved background noise reduction, faster and more accurate sound and a revamped user interface that is easier to see.

Animated demonstration of Lookout generating a detailed description of an image sent via Gmail.

Caption: Hear a detailed description of images from just about any browser or app with Lookout Images mode.

Designed with and for people with low vision or blindness, Lookout uses your Android device’s camera to provide information about the world around you with a variety of modes. Now with the new Images mode, which uses Google’s latest machine learning model for image understanding, you can hear a description of an image by simply opening it from just about any app. In addition, enhancements to Text mode, Documents mode, Food Label mode and Explore mode are making Lookout more accurate. Lookout now also works offline without the need for Wi-Fi or data service. Download or update Lookout in Google Play to get the new features.

Use your Google Play Points for items in your apps and games at checkout

Video demonstration of using Play Points to get an in-app item without ever leaving the app.

Caption: Use your Play Points for in-app items at checkout without ever leaving the app.

Google Play Points is a rewards program that lets you earn points and rewards for the ways you already use Google Play. You can soon use your Play Points for in-app items at checkout, without leaving your favorite apps and games. Cover the entire item with Play Points or split between Play Points and another form of payment. This is rolling out over the coming weeks in countries where Play Points is available.

These updates add to countless ways Android already helps you connect with others and the world around you. Visit to learn more about these features and more.

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