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7 new Android features to elevate your everyday

A young woman editing a sent message in Google Messages and then receiving an Emoji Kitchen sticker on an Android phone.

Earlier this month, we shared new ways to experience Google AI on Android, along with more ways to stay safe, express yourself and do more across your device ecosystem. Today, we’re excited to share seven new Android features and updates designed to elevate your everyday. Check them out here:

1. Edit your messages after they’re sent

With Google Messages you can say goodbye to the *asterisk and edit messages after they’re sent. Tap and hold a sent RCS message to edit typos, add missing words or clarify what you mean — up to 15 minutes after a message is sent.

Tapping and holding a sent message in Google Messages to activate the edit function.

Next time you spot a typo, fix it with the edit feature.

2. Effortlessly share hotspots and switch between devices for video calls

Coming soon, with instant hotspot, you’ll be able to connect your Android tablet or Chromebook to your phone’s hotspot with one tap — without needing to go through the extra step of typing in your password. And if you need to change devices in the middle of a Google Meet call, you’ll be able to tap the Cast icon to seamlessly switch between your connected devices so you can move between your Android phone, tablet or web browser.

Accessing cross-device services in Settings on an Android phone to activate call casting and internet sharing with nearby devices.

Switch devices in the middle of a call or connect to your hotspot with just a tap.

3. Have a ball this festival season with new Emoji Kitchen combos 🪩

New Emoji Kitchen sticker combinations are rolling out soon. Get ready for festival season by remixing your favorite emoji, like the disco ball and headphones 🪩+🎧, and sharing them with your friends as stickers via Gboard.

Using Emoji Kitchen on an Android phone to create and share the disco ball emoji mashed up with the headphones emoji.

Remix your favorite emoji 🪩 + 🎧 with new sticker combinations.

4. Control Google Home devices from your home screen

You can now add the Google Home Favorites widget to your phone’s home screen to manage and control your most-used smart devices. Use it to check the room temperature at a glance or turn off the lights with a tap. This widget is available to anyone who signs up for Public Preview.

Adding the Google Home Favorites widget to the home screen of an Android phone and adjusting its size, then using the new widget to instantly turn off the lights and adjust the thermostat.

Quickly view and control the most important devices from your smart home.

5. Manage your favorite smart devices from your Wear OS watch

Customize your Wear OS smartwatch with the Google Home Favorites tile and complication (an extra feature or shortcut on a watch face) to quickly view and control your smart home devices — all in one place. Unlock the doors, dim the lights or change the temperature before you arrive home with just a tap on the wrist.

Swiping left on a Wear OS smartwatch to access the Google Home Favorites tile and then tapping into the light icon to increase the kitchen light from 50% to 100%.

Easily find the controls for your favorite smart home devices on your wrist.

6. Enjoy more ways to pay with Google Wallet on your Wear OS watch

There are more ways to pay from your wrist. If you’re in the U.S. or Germany, you can now make secure payments with PayPal on Google Wallet from your Wear OS watch. Pay for your morning coffee and other everyday favorites without needing to pull your phone out of your pocket.

Adding a PayPal account to Google Wallet on an Android phone so it can be used for payments on a Wear OS smartwatch.

Enjoy more ways to pay from your wrist.

7. Unlock convenience with digital car key — coming to more vehicles

Digital car key is now available on select MINI models and will expand soon to select Mercedes-Benz and Polestar vehicles. You’ll be able to lock, unlock and start your car with just your phone, or securely share your digital car key with family and friends.

Automatically unlocking a vehicle with a digital car key on an Android phone by moving close to the vehicle.

Start your car the convenient way, no physical key required.

We’re always delivering new updates so you can get the most out of your Android devices. Learn about these new features and more at

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