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Unbox 11 new Android features and updates

Using Google Home on a Wear OS smartwatch to change the colors of multiple lights at once, using Emoji Kitchen on an Android phone to share a sticker made up of a camera and a tongue out face emoji and using a Google TV to access free TV channels.

Android is helping you personalize your devices to be more expressive, helpful, secure and accessible. You can now check out 11 new features and updates across your Android phones and tablets, Wear OS smartwatches and Google TV devices — including brand-new ways to use Google Messages, too. Here’s what’s new on Android.

React bigger and express yourself in new ways

1. Celebrate with new Emoji Kitchen sticker combinations

New season, new Emoji Kitchen sticker combinations. Remix your favorite emoji and share them with friends as stickers via Gboard. Whether you have the perfect idea for a snap 📸 + 🤯 or making dinner for friends 🌟 + 🍗, there are more ways to share what’s on your mind.

Using Emoji Kitchen on an Android phone to create and share a camera emoji mashed up with a tongue-out happy face emoji.

Mix and match your favorite emoji into new sticker combinations.

2. Show while you tell with Voice Moods

Voice Moods in Google Messages (beta) adds a unique background and moving emoji theme to your voice messages. Whether you’re surprised, laughing or feeling loved, you can better express how you’re feeling in the moment.

Sending a voice message in Google Messages and adding a personalized background and emoji to it on an Android phone.

Add visual themes to voice messages so friends can hear and see how you’re feeling.

3. Elevate your reactions in Google Messages

When a simple thumbs up 👍 just won’t do, Reaction Effects in Google Messages (beta) sparks a full-screen animated emoji for all to see. Light up your conversations and show your friends how excited, surprised or confused you really are.

Reacting to a text in Google Messages with a thumbs-up emoji, and then the screen shows a large animated emoji made up of three large thumbs-up emoji that are moving around on an Android phone.

Make your conversations more fun with full-screen emoji Reaction Effects.

Enjoy your time at home with more choices and controls

4. Tune in to over 10 new free TV channels from Google TV

It’s easier to access the shows you love and find new favorites with more than 10 new free channels now available from Google TV. Explore movies, sports and game show channels, and over 100 other free channels without juggling additional subscriptions.

Exploring free TV channels on Google TV.

Explore over 115 free channels from Google TV.

5. Control more smart home devices and light groups from your smartwatch

With more controls for compatible devices, you can now turn on and dock compatible smart appliances like vacuums and mops from your Wear OS smartwatch. You can also set the mood in an instant by controlling light groups for dinner, focus time and everything in between.

Using Google Home on a Wear OS smartwatch to change the colors of multiple lights at one time.

Control multiple lights at once from your smartwatch.

6. Let smart home devices know when you're Home or Away

Make sure your smart home devices are doing what you need, when you need it. Now you can easily set your Google Home status to Home or Away from your Wear OS smartwatch, so if you’re out, you know your cameras are on, doors are locked and lights are switched off.

Using Google Home on a Wear OS smartwatch to change home presence from Home to Away.

Set your status to Home or Away with a tap of your smartwatch.

7. Make daily tasks easier with Assistant Routines on Wear OS

Coming soon, you can start Assistant Routines right from your Wear OS smartwatch with a voice command to get more done on the go. For example, if you have a ‘commuting to work’ routine set-up that helps you navigate to work, check the weather and hear your day’s agenda, then at any time of day you can start that routine by saying “Hey Google, commuting to work.”

Using Google Assistant on a Wear OS smartwatch to start a Routine by saying “Hey Google, commuting to work” and then the watch displays the weather, that day’s calendar, and that it’s playing music on the phone.

Start a custom Assistant Routine for any time of day from your wrist.

Manage your day and secure your info with ease

8. Make logging in with a security key more seamless

Now, you can set a custom PIN on your FIDO2 security keys for websites or apps that request user verification, allowing you to log in without a cumbersome password. If your physical key is lost or stolen, your information won’t be compromised because the use of your credentials will require your custom PIN code.

Setting up a security key with a custom PIN to authenticate access to a website.

Protect your information with simplified security.

9. Manage your day with Assistant At a Glance on your watch face

Get what you need, when you need it, wherever your Wear OS smartwatch takes you. The new Assistant At a Glance shortcut on your watch face shows you important information like weather alerts, travel updates and event reminders — right on your wrist.

Access calls and content in a way that works for you

10. Hear AI image descriptions

When images don’t have accurate text descriptions, people who are blind and low-vision can be left guessing about the content. Now, TalkBack uses AI to create a description and read it aloud — whether it’s a photo you just took, an image from apps or social media or picture messages from friends.

11. Take calls and access media through live captions

Phone calls and on-device media are now more accessible. Expanding from Pixel to more Android devices over the next few weeks, more languages will be available in Live Caption. Plus, these Android devices will also have the ability to reply during phone calls by texting a response that’s read aloud — making it possible to take calls without needing to hear them or respond with your voice.

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