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“Hey Google, let’s play a game” on your Smart Display

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Google Assistant smart speakers have always been a great way to play voice-based games. Just say, “Hey Google, let’s play a game,” and within moments you’ll find yourself humming along to "Song Quiz," or testing your trivia skills with "Are You Feeling Lucky."

With Smart Displays, like Nest Hub Max, you also have access to brand new games designed with visuals in mind. These games take full advantage of the screen, and combine with voice and touch controls for instant, easy fun.

One of my favorite new games is “Guess the Drawing” by CoolGames, where you guess what’s being drawn on the screen as quickly as you can. Test your skills with new drawings every day, or compete real-time with other players in Party mode. Just say “Hey Google, let’s play Guess the Drawing” to get started.

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But that’s just my personal favorite; there are so many other games available on your Smart Display to try. 

TV trivia, in your home

For trivia die-hards, step up to the podium to play a wide range of categories in “Jeopardy!” hosted by Alex Trebek, or use a lifeline in case you run into trouble on “Who Wants to be a Millionaire.” And if you play often, you’ll even be able to see how you compete with players around the world with weekly leaderboards. 

I’d also suggest giving “Trivia Crack” a try. You can play solo to challenge yourself, or play with your friends or family to answer questions about History, Sports, Art, Entertainment, Geography and Science. 

A way with words

A quick wit will help you in “Categories Battle,” an interactive game where you need to come up with items in a range of categories (for example, your category could be “animals”) where the word begins with a random letter (let’s say “P”). How many answers will you come up with in less than a minute?

Want a hands-free crossword challenge from the convenience of your kitchen? “Puzzle of the Day” will help keep your mind sharp with daily word puzzles that are adapted specifically for your smart display.  

Lighten up your day

Google Assistant also has plenty of other ways to keep everyone entertained at home. “MadLibs,” the classic template word game, lets you create silly stories and is perfect for a quick laugh. Or you can “Talk to The Wiggles” for a choose-your-own-adventure surprise or sing along with the band. Then there’s “Escape the Room,” which brings the fun of an escape room into your own home.

You can also ask Google Assistant to play animal sounds or to tell you a story. And of course, if you just need a good laugh, you can always rely on the classic: “Hey Google, tell me a joke.”  

Things to come

These are just a few of the games available today on your Smart Display, and it doesn’t stop there. We’re continuing to work directly with top game developers to to bring even more immersive games to your smart display. Stay tuned for the lineup of new titles we’ll be introducing throughout the year. All you’ll have to say is “Hey Google, Let’s Play a Game” to browse the latest and greatest games.

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