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Make the most of Leap Day with the Google Assistant

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How many times have you wished for an extra day or even just an extra hour to get things done or simply relax?. Lucky for us, we’re getting that extra day this year--Leap Day is this Saturday, February 29th. 

If you’re looking for things to do, here are 11 ways the Google Assistant and Nest can help you make the most out of your bonus day:

  1. Play your favorite television game show: Just say, “Hey Google, play Jeopardy” to test your knowledge.

  2. Explore new eats nearby: Ask your Assistant, “Hey Google, find a Moroccan restaurant nearby” to discover new places to try. And you can see how long it’ll take to walk to the restaurant by saying, “Hey Google, how long will it take to walk to [restaurant] near me?”

  3. Have a killer at-home sweat session: Enjoy your favorite YouTube fitness videos on your Smart Display, like Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max. Just say, “Hey Google, show me cardio workout videos.”

  4. Finally learn to cook that new recipe: “Hey Google, show me recipes for spanakopita.” And if you need help learning a new technique, like making homemade puff pastry, ask the Assistant on your Nest Hub Max to put on a YouTube video by saying “Hey Google, show me videos for how to make puff pastry dough.”

  5. Get started on that book you’ve been meaning to read: Curl up on the couch or go for a walk and ask your Assistant to read an audiobook on Google Play. Just make sure to log into your Google Play Books account and say, “Hey Google, read [audiobook title],” and you’ll hear a free sample if you don’t already own the audiobook.

  6. Pick up a new hobby: First, learn a bit about your chosen activity by saying “Hey Google, find a podcast about painting.” Then, find the supplies you’ll need to get started. Just ask, “Hey Google, where can I buy watercolors nearby?”

  7. Enjoy story time as a family: Just ask your Nest Mini, “Hey Google, let’s read along” to access great books from Disney and Little Golden Books, powered by Family Link. 

  8. Go see a movie: Say, “Hey Google, buy movie tickets” to see what movies are playing nearby. When you select a showtime that works best, the Assistant can then help complete your purchase in only a few steps with the help of Duplex technology.  

  9. Find local events: Ask your Assistant, “Hey Google, what events are happening today near Phoenix?” for ideas on what to do.

  10. Take a mini road trip: The Assistant can help you get things done in the car whether you’re using Google Maps for Android and iOS, Waze for Android, Android Auto, or through the car accessory Anker Roav Bolt. Try asking, “Hey Google, find the nearest gas station” when you need to refuel--or send text messages with your voice so you can keep your eyes on the road. 

  11. Catch up on a little R&R … uninterrupted: Silence calls and notifications on your phone or Nest devices by asking your Assistant, “Hey Google, silence my phone,” or “Hey Google, set the kitchen display to Do Not Disturb."

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