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Celebrate Black creative visions with Chrome

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This Black History Month, the Chrome team is showcasing exciting new work by Black artists in a collection of themes that let you customize the look of your browser.

We commissioned six contemporary artists and invited them to turn Chrome into their canvas. Working in different mediums and bringing different points of view, each artist has presented their interpretation of the ways people use Chrome: finding new knowledge, connecting with each other, exploring our world and taking action towards our goals.

Our design team crafted themes around their work to fuse them seamlessly into Chrome, coordinating the colors of your tabs and making sure the work looks great on all types of laptop and desktop screens.

We drew inspiration from the #drawingwhileblack hashtag, organized by featured artist Abelle Hayford, as well as from the many artists who have used their talents to advance the call for justice and give us visions of a better future. We hope these themes help you discover new artists, and bring you energy and joy throughout your day as you go to new places through art. 

Browse all 24 themes in the collection on the Chrome Web Store, and read on to hear from the artists:

  • “Telepathy” - Sabrena Khadija

    “Telepathy” - Sabrena Khadija

    “Black women are my one true source of inspiration. For my ‘Telepathy’ theme I wanted to represent the bonds that connect us and allow us to uplift, empower, and embolden each other. To show that whether we are sisters or strangers, the bonds that connect us remain strong.” Sabrena Khadija is a Brooklyn-based illustrator from Prince George’s County, Maryland.

  • “Bubbly” - Olivia Fields

    “Bubbly” - Olivia Fields

    “One day, I was doing the dishes and a tiny bubble managed to escape from the kitchen and travel all the way to my workspace. As I watched it move slowly through the room, I realized I was still drawn in by its gentle movements as well as the urge to pop it before reaching its destination. ‘Bubbly’ is inspired by that warm nostalgic feeling of spending time at play. ”   Olivia Fields is a cartoonist and illustrator based in Brooklyn, New York, where she currently works as a freelancer.

  • "Stay Flo" - Laci Jordan

    “Stay Flo” - Laci Jordan

    “Inspired by exploration, escapism, and vacation. ‘Stay Flo’ captures the idea of the movement, flow, and lush vibes commonly experienced through exploring (and vacation).”   Laci Jordan is a multidisciplinary designer, illustrator and creative director. Born and raised in Huntsville, Alabama, Jordan currently lives in Los Angeles.

  • "The Explorer" - Janelle Cummins

    “The Explorer” - Janelle Cummins

    “I wanted to create designs influenced by its fluidity. I arrived at a unifying theme of water, a versatile element that provides, sustains and captivates. This theme design shows a macro shot of scenes within water droplets caught on blades of grass. A curious ladybug enters one of the encapsulated worlds.”   Janelle Cummins is an illustrator born and raised in Barbados, who now calls the San Francisco Bay Area her home.

  • "Ntentan (Connections)" - Derrick Ofosu Boateng

    “Ntentan (Connections)” - Derrick Ofosu Boateng

    “Connection as a part of human existence is so vital for the society as a whole. Not just on the surface, but deep within us, where we’re joined spirit to spirit, heart to heart. It’s such a healing relationship. That was my inspiration for this collection.”   Derrick Ofosu Boateng is a Ghanaian digital artist inspired by the richness of Africa and the way of life of her inhabitants.

  • "A Spark" - Abelle Hayford

    “A Spark” - Abelle Hayford

    “For this illustration, I wanted to approach the concept of ‘finding’ in a more symbolic way. When I find or discover ideas or concepts it feels like a giant spark of inspiration coming to life.”   Abelle Hayford is a Los Angeles-based illustrator and artist working in animation and comics.

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