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3 new Chrome features to get more helpful suggestions

Zoomed in image of searching in Chrome with topics including “Japchae” and “bohemian table” with corresponding results.

Sometimes when you browse, you’re not sure exactly what you’re looking for. Today we’re releasing three new features in Chrome to give you that boost of inspiration.

1. Get search suggestions based on what others are looking for

When you’re signed into Chrome and open a new tab on desktop, you’ll see suggestions in the Google Search box related to your previous searches based on similar things others are looking for. For example, if you recently searched for “Japchae,” you might see suggestions for other popular Korean dishes.

A new tab opened in Chrome browser with the Google Search bar displayed, with “Japchae” as the top search result. To the right are additional suggested results titled “People also search for,” which includes other popular Korean dishes like Tteok-bokki, Bulgogi and Bibimbap.

2. See more images for suggested searches

Previously, Chrome only displayed images for search suggestions in the address bar that matched a specific product you were looking for, such as an “Isanti dining table.” But what if you don’t have a particular table in mind, but you know you want something bohemian-inspired? On Android and iOS, Chrome will now show helpful images for broader shopping categories and products based on a simpler search, like “bohemian table.”

Chrome address bar on Android with the search results for uncompleted search “bohemian tab(le)”

3. Find search suggestions even with a poor connection

When your phone has a poor connection, you can’t always access the information you need. Chrome on Android and iOS now has improved on-device capabilities that will give you search suggestions even when you have a bad network connection. This means you’ll also get more helpful suggestions when you’re in Incognito Mode.

Try out these updates today to find the information (and inspiration) you need, faster.

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