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Visit the new Chrome Web Store

The new Chrome Web Store homepage with a banner that says “Celebrate Black Artists.” There is also a list of top extension categories, including Shopping, Communication, Education and Creativity.

The new Chrome Web Store is officially open for business. Previously available in a limited preview, anyone can now access the redesigned store to easily find Chrome extensions and themes.

Inspired by our Material You design language, the new store has fresh color palettes, updated card styles and improved icon legibility that all better complement Chrome’s overall look.

You'll also see new extension categories, like AI-powered and shopping extensions, and ones that are more tailored to your interests based on what you've previously downloaded. Plus, our new Editors' Spotlight features recently-launched extensions we think are worth trying out.

It’s easier to navigate the new store, too. The search bar is now at the top right of the screen for quicker access. And it has improved capabilities, so you can filter by all items or featured extensions and themes to find exactly what you want.

Check out the Chrome Web Store’s fresh look today, and discover a variety of extensions and themes that can help make Chrome uniquely yours.

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