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See how the Night King uses Chromebook

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“Winter is coming.”

You’ve heard it countless times. But what you don’t hear much about is the effort that goes into planning the attack on Westeros during the winter—it’s a real operation. There are new recruits to onboard, wargs to avoid, and 700-foot walls of ice to break through. Under these circumstances, a little organization and a Chromebook go a long way.

The Game of Thrones' army of the dead is collecting everything new recruits need to know into a single Google Slides presentation made with Chromebook. Now you can learn a few things about collaboration from the way they work.  

Disappointed with your team’s performance? Tell them exactly where they fell short with a comment in Google Slides. Stuck in another meeting about scheduling an invasion? Start doodling alternate routes in Evernote. Need your headshots to look professional, yet terrifying? Make photo adjustments in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC to give yourself that icy edge. You can do it all on Chromebook.

Here are a few especially important slides:

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    Job candidates are on the rise, you can be one of them.

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    Who are we? What do we stand for?

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    Map it out with diagrams and charts in Slides.

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    There are real benefits to joining the army of the dead.

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    The Night King does it all on Chromebook.

The army of the dead had a few thousand years to learn these tips, and now you can discover them all here:

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