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Bringing Gemini to Google Workspace for Education

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At Google for Education, we believe AI has the potential to help students, educators and education communities save time, create captivating learning experiences, inspire creativity and learn with confidence.

Today, designed together with education experts and institutions, we’re bringing Gemini for Google Workspace to education users 18 years and older with two new paid add-ons, introducing a new and powerful way of working, teaching and learning with generative AI. We’re also adding new functionality to our flagship Gemini conversational experience to help everyone learn confidently. And soon, we’ll introduce additional data protection for Gemini users 18 years and older logged into their Workspace for Education school accounts, free of charge.

Bringing Gemini for Google Workspace to more education institutions

Gemini for Google Workspace provides access to our most capable generative AI models widely available today across your favorite apps, like Docs, Gmail, Slides and more. Starting May 23rd, education institutions can add Gemini for Google Workspace to their existing Workspace for Education edition for users 18 years and older by purchasing one of the following add-ons:

  • Gemini Education is a lower price offering to help education institutions get started with generative AI in Workspace, with a monthly usage limit. Through the Admin console, Admins can learn more about how people in their domain are trending towards their usage limits.
  • Gemini Education Premium includes everything in Gemini Education, plus additional advanced features like AI-powered note taking and summaries in Meet, AI-enhanced data loss prevention and more coming soon. This add-on provides full access and usage of generative AI tools in Workspace.

In early testing, we heard from educators that they loved having Gemini integrated into the Workspace tools they use every day. For example, they used Gemini to:

  • Go from a blank page to a lesson plan template, grant proposal or job description in Docs
  • Summarize a long email thread with key takeaways and next steps in Gmail
  • Create an agenda for an upcoming professional development session in Sheets
  • Bring a presentation to life or illustrate a topic in class by creating an original image in Slides

We're also piloting Gemini in Classroom with new lesson planning features that are informed by LearnLM, our new family of models fine-tuned for learning, based on Gemini and grounded in educational research.

Gemini for Google Workspace also provides access to chat with Gemini safely and securely at with enterprise-grade data protection and Google’s most capable generative AI models widely available today. Gemini can help you speed up time-consuming tasks, from conducting research about IT security best practices to creating an alumni outreach plan. It can be your collaborative thought partner helping you get fresh ideas and make learning more personal for your students, like re-leveling content or creating class exercises or assignments based on their interests.

  • Gemini in Docs lesson plan template

    Gemini in Docs lesson plan template

  • Gemini in Gmail email thread

    Gemini in Gmail email thread

  • Gemini in Sheets agenda

    Gemini in Sheets agenda

  • Gemini in Slides image

    Gemini in Slides image

  • Gemini chat experience

    Gemini chat experience

  • Gemini in Classroom lesson planning pilot

    Gemini in Classroom lesson planning pilot

The Gemini Education add-ons don't have a minimum purchase requirement, so institutions can buy as few or as many licenses as they need with any existing Workspace for Education edition. Learn more about available pricing and discounts.

Learn with confidence using new Gemini features

Because learning is among the most popular ways people are using Gemini, we’re announcing OpenStax and Data Commons extensions, and guided practice quizzes to help people learn more confidently and with trusted sources. Coming soon, here are a few ways you’ll be able to try these out:

  • Type in something like “@OpenStax how does the Moon's distance and orbital path influence the type of solar eclipse we see?” to pull in accurate, trustworthy responses based on Rice University’s OpenStax educational resources — including citations and links to relevant peer-reviewed textbook content.
  • Visualize data about complex topics like climate change, jobs, economics and health by typing "@Data Commons” and asking something like “show me a breakdown of business types in Florida" for a response from authoritative sources.
  • Test your knowledge with guided practice quizzes that walk you through a series of questions and provide conversational feedback on each of your responses. For example, ask Gemini “quiz me on the periodic table of elements.”

Providing additional data protection in Gemini when using your school account, free of charge

Coming soon, educators and students 18 years and older will have added data protection when accessing Gemini at with their school accounts, free of charge. With added data protection, your data is not reviewed by anyone, it’s not used to train artificial intelligence models, or shared with other users or institutions. This experience will use our 1.0 Pro model and be available in 40+ languages. Gemini is currently not available to people under 18 while using their Workspace for Education account.

AI can never replace the expertise, knowledge, or creativity of an educator, but it can be a helpful tool to enhance and enrich teaching and learning experiences. While we’re encouraged by the widespread excitement around generative AI, it’s still early days for this technology. That’s why it’s always important to review information that’s presented as fact, and when in doubt, double check it with Google Search. Gemini makes this easy with its double-check feature, which uses Google Search to find content that’s likely similar to or different from statements generated by Gemini.

Keeping your data private and secure

Google for Education provides industry-leading education technology that helps create a safer digital learning environment for every school, every classroom, and every student. We’ve long shared robust privacy commitments that outline how we protect user data and prioritize privacy. Generative AI reaffirms these commitments. Gemini for Google Workspace is covered under your Google Workspace for Education Terms of Service. Learn more about how we're protecting your Google Workspace data in the era of generative AI.

Get started with Gemini today

Get started with Gemini for Workspace today by contacting your existing Google Workspace for Education reseller or a Google for Education sales specialist. Gemini with added data protection will be available free of charge for education users 18 years and older, soon. Join us for a webinar on May 23 to learn more about how to use these new tools.

*Education institutions that have already purchased Gemini Enterprise will have the choice to transition to either Gemini Education or Gemini Education Premium.

**In order for users to access Gemini for Workspace they need a license assigned to them.

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