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Fitbit and Strava partner to further empower athletes

This post was originally published on the Fitbit press site. It has been adapted from its original format.

Performance athletes are always looking for new ways to elevate their training, and now activity tracking reaches the next level through a partnership between Fitbit, the global leader in the Connected Health and Fitness category, and Strava, the leading global community of runners and cyclists. The integration lets users sync seamlessly between both Fitbit and Strava apps, empowering users of the entire award-winning Fitbit activity tracker lineup to track their all-day activity, track their exercise and maximize their workouts, as well as connect, compete and engage with other performance athletes on Strava. Now athletes can use:

  • Strava for the intensive time when they are cycling and running, and to connect with friends, teammates, clubs and pro athletes; and
  • Fitbit to track their all-day health and fitness, in addition to workouts with advanced trackers like Fitbit Charge HR and Fitbit Surge, for insights into their overall health from the moment they wake and all through the night

“At Fitbit, we are constantly innovating to bring best-in-class trackers and the most motivational tools to our users, evolving our ecosystem to find new ways to empower people to reach their health and fitness goals,” said James Park, CEO and Co-Founder of Fitbit. “By integrating with Strava, users get the best of both worlds: powerful workout analysis, training tools and an amazing social experience with Strava; and all-day and night insights of their most important workout and health stats with Fitbit. With automatic syncing between both their Fitbit and Strava accounts, users get the most complete picture of their health and fitness, letting them concentrate on what’s important to them – their performance.”

Strava works with dozens of activity tracking and GPS devices, but this two-way integration with market-leader Fitbit is the first of its kind,” said David Lorsch, VP of Business Development, Strava. “Strava athletes using a Fitbit device like the Fitbit Surge can now choose to record their runs or rides with Strava and connect with our global community, while using their Fitbit tracker and interactive tools to get a comprehensive view of their all-day activity and sleep patterns.”

Track Health and Fitness Stats on Fitbit. Train More Effectively on Strava.

This powerful integration provides access to both Fitbit and Strava global communities, enabling users to connect with people who have similar fitness goals, find and follow other athletes, and enjoy pushing themselves to the next level. Top benefits include:

  • More motivation to meet and surpass goals: Users will find more ways to gauge progress and achieve goals by tracking their workouts with Fitbit and using Strava’s performance analytics tools with a global community of athletes
  • Real-time workout stats: Workout details automatically and instantly sync between Fitbit and Strava accounts, giving users instant access to their stats so they can fine-tune workouts and analyze performance – because for some users, seconds matter
    • Fitbit workouts sync to Strava: Works across all Fitbit trackers so any Fitbit user, once they have a Strava account, can sync workouts they track with Fitbit directly to their Strava account
      • For example with Fitbit Surge, the #1 selling GPS watch in the U.S. = consumers can use multi-sport mode to easily record running and bike workouts from their wrist. Real-time heart rate and GPS-based distance, pace and elevation stats automatically sync wirelessly from the device to a user’s account where they can effortlessly view their exercise summaries, routes and split times on both their Fitbit and Strava dashboards. For consumers who enjoy running or using the newly launched bike-tracking feature, Fitbit Surge plus Strava provides added workout analysis
      • Use the Fitbit app MobileRun feature with any Fitbit device to share your GPS data through Strava; also sync your heart rate data with Fitbit Charge HR and Fitbit Surge
    • Strava workouts sync to Fitbit: Athletes who track their rides and runs on Strava will get credit in their Fitbit exercise logs, including distance and calorie burn, allowing them to easily link all activities and workouts with their all-day activity stats
  • Easy activity tracking: Tracking with Fitbit and Strava is simple and automatic. With nothing to plug in and no files to download, it removes pain points of uploading ride, route and run data manually, so users can focus their time and efforts on optimizing their workout times instead of going through multiple data sets
  • Data control: Users control the sharing of data, which is only done with their permission

Find the Encouragement to Push Fitness Further

Fitbit products and features are for people that are interested in health and fitness – no matter what their goals may be. Our wide range of trackers appeal to people from those who are interested in simply getting more daily activity, to those looking to maximize their training.

By connecting Fitbit and Strava, where both leading platforms are known for their vast, global and competitive communities, consumers now have the ultimate tools to challenge themselves to move more and set records.

  • With its large community of global users, Fitbit delivers ongoing encouragement, rewards and friendly competition to help users successfully reach, and beat, their goals:
    • According to data from Fitbit, users tend to be 27% more active when they connect with one or more friends.
    • Fitbit data shows that, on average, users who compete in Fitbit Challenges increase their activity by more than a mile per challenge.
  • On Strava, connecting with friends, professional athletes, teammates and clubs provides additional motivation, competition and inspiration for all athletes, all day long; designed by athletes, for athletes, Strava unites millions every day through the sports they love
  • Fitbit and Strava users can find even more motivation through personalized streaming video workouts from FitStar, now part of the Fitbit family, with two handcrafted Strava-inspired sessions for runners and cyclists to improve strength and prevent injury with the FitStar Personal Trainer app:
    • “Strava 26.2” builds stability and strength to help runners at all levels get race-day ready
    • “Strava Core Challenge” includes high-intensity moves, encouraging cyclists to overcome even the toughest hills

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