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Get to know the redesigned Fitbit app

Video that details the redesigned Fitbit app experience

The redesigned Fitbit app starts rolling out today. The new, simplified app is now easier to use and organized around three tabs — Today, Coach and You — to bring the health and wellness information you care about front and center.

Here are five ways to make the most out of the new app.

  • Track your physical activity — with or without a device: Get your steps in and let your phone do the counting thanks to improved communication with your phone's sensors and more accurate step counts. You can now track a walk, run or hike using just the Fitbit app on your phone —even if you're not wearing a Fitbit device or Google Pixel Watch. To get started, connect your phone to the Fitbit app to automatically track steps or track your exercise directly from the Today screen.
Visual of the Fitbit app’s Today surface showing how users can manually input entries.
  • Customize what information you focus on to zero in on your goals: To customize what stats you see, tap edit at the top of the Today tab. Then you can choose your focus based on personal goals — whether it's to move more, sleep better, manage stress or anything in between — and see the stats that are most important.
Visual of the Fitbit app’s Today surface showing how users can customize their focus.
  • Head to the new Coach tab to find a workout for you: Quickly filter workouts based on workout type, duration, required equipment, instructor and more to get you moving how you want to move. There is also fresh content to pump up your routine to keep both your mind and body fit. And your Fitbit Premium subscription unlocks even more content like HIIT classes, dance cardio classes, and new workouts from Alo Moves and Tone It Up.
Visuals of the Fitbit app’s Coach surface showing featured content.
  • Understand your health and wellness information: Charts now include easy-to-understand information about metrics and highlight patterns, helping you make sense of your health and wellness data. Want to view your exercise trends, Active Zone Minutes, or track how well you slept? Tap on a metric to learn more about what it means for your health and wellness.
Visual of the Fitbit app’s Today surface highlighting Active Zone Minutes.
  • Take charge of your health data with easy-to-use privacy controls: Control what's saved and shared with simple, secure app experience backed by Google’s industry-leading privacy and security features. Review and manage your data right from the app. And, as always, your Fitbit health and wellness data won't be used for Google ads and will be kept separate from Google ads data.
Visual of the data and privacy settings available for users to review and/or change within the Fitbit app.

No matter where you are on your health and wellness journey, the new Fitbit app is designed to help you reach your goals. We are committed to continuously improving the Fitbit platform and app to work toward our goal to help make the world healthier.

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