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Fitbit app update brings better run stats and food log

This post was originally published on the Fitbit press site. It has been adapted from its original format.

Fitbit, the leader in the fast-growing Connected Health and Fitness category, today introduces two new features that bring more power and convenience to Fitbit’s top-downloaded, free app – MobileRun and enhanced food logging tools. MobileRun uses GPS on a smartphone to accurately track, log and compare runs, walks and hikes efficiently and easily. Also new in the app is an enhanced food logging database with thousands of new foods added and a library of more than 350,000 foods in total. A barcode scanner and other improved logging features are designed to help users more easily reach their weight management goals.

“I’ve been using Fitbit products on my runs for years and whether I’m checking my progress on my wrist or on the app, being able to see my stats all in one place helps me better plan my next run and make improvements.”

“I’m constantly in training mode and need to track all of my stats – from my routes, steps and distance to calories eaten versus burned – and these features in the Fitbit app help me demand more from myself and train more efficiently,” said Dean Karnazes, world-renowned ultra marathoner and Fitbit brand ambassador. “I’ve been using Fitbit products on my runs for years and whether I’m checking my progress on my wrist or on the app, being able to see my stats all in one place helps me better plan my next run and make improvements.”

The newest version of the Fitbit app with MobileRun and enhanced food logging features can be downloaded now from the iTunes store (Android version coming soon) and works with all Fitbit award-winning activity and sleep trackers: Flex, One and Zip – as well as with the MobileTrack function on the iPhone 5s version of the Fitbit app.

MobileRun – Run Stats, Route Maps & Beyond

Through GPS integration, MobileRun allows users to track and elevate training or workouts with real-time updates and key stats from individual runs, walks and hikes, including exact route, pace per mile (splits), distance and time.

MobileRun is packed with features to help users make the most of their workouts:

  • Route history, spoken distance and mile markers while on a run, allowing users to monitor improvement or push themselves further in the moment
  • Stats tracked integrate seamlessly with the main Fitbit dashboard, giving credit for steps taken, calories burned and active minutes during routes
  • New Exercise Frequency calendar keeps users on track towards their workout goals – it automatically displays the days they have worked out by pulling in the frequency of MobileRun routes and logged exercises
  • Users can now conveniently play and switch songs from their iTunes playlists without leaving the Fitbit app, keeping the focus on their workout

Fast and Easy Food Logging

The expanded U.S. database of more than 350,000 foods – including numerous grocery brands and popular restaurant menu items – helps users find and log foods faster and allows them to accurately monitor calories every day for more effective weight management. The updated database lists only foods with confirmed, credible nutritional data so users can confidently track nutrition with ease. When paired with a Fitbit activity tracker, the Fitbit app can provide calorie coaching, guiding users with suggested calorie intake based on activity, or recommending a number of steps to burn the calories.

The Fitbit app has several new features to log food quickly and effortlessly:

  • Barcode scanner lets users add calories and nutritional data in seconds from their smartphone
  • Quick-calorie estimator allows users to pick common foods in the database and simply adjust a slider to estimate the calories within an expected range based on ingredients and preparation
  • Easy Meals auto-completes favorite or frequent meals in one quick step; it learns which foods users tend to log together and automatically suggests a set of foods (a meal) whenever users start logging one of them
  • Calorie coaching guides users with suggested calorie intake based on activity, when used with a Fitbit tracker. Users can set a food plan with weight loss goals and see how many calories in vs. out they should be targeting each day, with access to easy to read charts to help them stay on track

Fitbit Growth and Leadership

Fitbit is the market leader and pioneer in the Connected Health and Fitness category and its products are sold in 46 countries and 37,000 retail stores worldwide. According to the NPD Group, Fitbit sold 67% of the activity trackers last year in the United States; already this year market share has increased to 69%. The Fitbit app is a leading app in the iTunes store and has over 1 million downloads on the Google Play Store.

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