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Fitbit enriches fitness tracking

This post was originally published on the Fitbit press site. It has been adapted from its original format.

Fitbit, the market leader and pioneer in the fast-growing Connected Health and Fitness category, today announced new intuitive and motivational features enriching its already powerful interactive experience for existing and future Fitbit products, making fitness and activity tracking an effortless and fun experience for all.

Fitbit is making it even easier to achieve health and fitness goals by introducing new automated and smart features like multi-device support, as well as improved food logging for all Fitbit users. Connecting communities around the world, Fitbit is rolling out additional types of fun Fitbit Challenges and added mobile features to drive inspiration and motivation. Fitbit also continues to partner with leading brands and expert influencers to provide users additional ways to enjoy the Fitbit brand – new partners include Kellogg’s and Rocco DiSpirito, as well as strengthened ties with existing partners Microsoft and Tory Burch.

“Fitbit has always been at the forefront of innovation, evolving our products and experiences to make them even smarter, more efficient and more motivating,” said Tim Roberts, VP of Interactive, Fitbit. “With the introduction of new features like multi-device syncing, we are continuing to provide users a more seamless and engaging experience where the technology starts to blur into everyday life, but the experience is one users can’t live without.”

More Ways to Track Your Day

With its award-winning fitness trackers and app experience, Fitbit continues to create products and features that empower people with information to enhance daily life – whether it’s hitting it hard at the gym, staying active while running errands or going to bed an hour earlier to get a good night’s sleep. New automated and motivational updates take the work out of tracking fitness – so you can focus on meeting your goals.

  • Multiple trackers, one account: Coming soon, link up to five Fitbit devices to a single account, so you’ll never miss a step. Whether doing a grueling triathlon with Fitbit Surge or running errands with Fitbit Flex, Fitbit has you covered
  • Expanded features for Fitbit Charge HR: Adding to the advanced technology within Fitbit Charge HR, on-display exercise summaries will be coming soon
  • Faster food logging for every bite: Fitbit is further enhancing food logging to make it simpler – regardless of platform or global location
    • Now, iOS, Android and Windows users can use barcode scanning for effortless food logging with the snap of a camera button. An added bonus for Windows users is automated voice-activated food and activity logging with Cortana to make your life a little easier
    • Expanded and customized food logging will also be coming soon for users in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Korea, Mexico, Spain and the U.K.
    • Taking food logging to the next level, Fitbit and celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito have partnered to include a barcode scan of calorie and nutritional info with every recipe in Rocco's new book "Cook Your Butt Off," due out on February 17, 2015

Motivation to Help You Meet Your Goals

Accountability can be hard. Sometimes you need a friend to help give you a nudge in the right direction. Luckily, Fitbit has the largest community of users on its top-downloaded and top-rated app. Fitbit is tapping into its massive community to deliver more encouragement, rewards and friendly competition to help you successfully reach, and beat, your goals.

  • Fitbit Challenges: Driven by friendly competition and real-time rankings, in a few short months, Fitbit Challenges has become a powerful motivator for the Fitbit community. On average, users who compete in Fitbit Challenges increase their activity by more than a mile per challenge, and Fitbit continues to add new Fitbit Challenges, like Goal Day, to keep users motivated. Coming this Spring, users will also be able to join and meet other community members who have similar activity levels with the new Fitbit Public Challenges
  • Achievement badges: To keep up with avid Fitbit users, new badges were recently introduced, including 100,000 daily steps (that’s about 50 miles) and 700 daily floors climbed (four times the tallest building in the world). Fitbit badges reward users for their achievements and help to provide constant encouragement; they will also soon be available within the Fitbit mobile app
  • Friend-finding features: Fitbit users with one or more friends are a remarkable 27% more active than those without. You can increase your activity level by adding to your cheering section, and now you can find friends faster through email search features and Facebook Friend Finder (coming soon)

Partnerships for an Enhanced Experience

The Fitbit brand continues to gain momentum and is embracing new partnerships with brands across consumer goods, fashion, lifestyle, and technology, including Kellogg’s, and furthering ties with Microsoft and Tory Burch.

“By combining our market leading devices and software expertise with best-in-class offerings from proven and trusted brands, we’re creating a rich, customer-focused experience that motivates and inspires people to do and achieve more,” said Tim Rosa, VP of Global Marketing, Fitbit.

  • Kellogg’s: Now through November 2015, Fitbit is teaming up with cereal leader Kellogg’s to give away Fitbit Flex activity trackers. With wearables becoming more mainstream, a promotion appearing on more than 15 million Special K packages across the U.S. will give consumers a chance to win one of the top activity trackers on the market
  • Microsoft: Fitbit is dedicated to helping all users – no matter their mobile platform – reach their health and fitness goals. Through unique Windows offerings, like Cortana integration, Fitbit’s partnership with Microsoft helps make food and now activity logging a little easier with voice commands. Fitbit also recently launched a customized in-app experience for Windows users, incorporating Live Tiles and other features unique to the Windows platform

Tory Burch: The Tory Burch for Fitbit partnership revolutionized the wearables market by transforming the fitness tracker into a chic piece of jewelry fit for any occasion. The initial Tory Burch for Fitbit accessories collection, which included a gold metal bracelet and pendant as well as patterned silicone wristbands, sold out within hours of launching. Today, Tory Burch and Fitbit are extending their partnership with the introduction of silver and rose gold metal accessories and new silicone wristband designs

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