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FitStar Personal Trainer now online

This post was originally published on the Fitbit press site. It has been adapted from its original format.

FitStar, a leading digital health and fitness company, has launched its popular mobile fitness app, FitStar Personal Trainer, for the web. A recipient of Apple's App Store Editors' Choice, Best of 2013 and Best of 2014 App Awards, FitStar Personal Trainer's expansion to the web opens the door for an entirely new audience to access the same award-winning FitStar experience on Macs and PCs.

There are more than a billion PCs in use worldwide, which greatly expands the reach of people who can benefit from FitStar Personal Trainer’s accessible, customized workouts from football legend, Tony Gonzalez. Launching on the web also means an enhanced experience by delivering workouts on a bigger screen with full PC sound fidelity. Just like the popular iOS app, FitStar Personal Trainer on the web offers a wide range of exercises and goal-based programs that let users experience curriculum calibrated just for them, smartly adapting to their progress with each session. FitStars will also have easy access to their profile and dashboard, which includes stats, friend list, momentum, levels achieved, recent badge updates and an ongoing activity feed. The app and web application work in tandem, ensuring a user’s progress is always reflected whether they are doing workouts on the go with their iPhone or iPad, or checking in at home via the web.

“When we set out to create FitStar, our goal was to help motivate as many people as possible to live healthier lives with a personalized and cost-effective way to get fit anywhere,” said Mike Maser, Co-founder, FitStar. “We’re thrilled to bring FitStar Personal Trainer to the web because it means we can help an even larger group of people get healthy with devices they already own.”

FitStar has continued to build and expand their portfolio and in 2014 launched their second app, FitStar Yoga, featuring yoga expert Tara Stiles, which quickly became the #1 free app on the iPhone and iPad in the Health & Fitness category. This expansion has given FitStar a combined total of over 3 million downloads to date across both FitStar Yoga and FitStar Personal Trainer apps. FitStar Yoga will also be coming to the web in the future.

In March 2015, FitStar was acquired by Fitbit, giving users the ability to track their daily activity with leading Fitbit devices and then get a tailored FitStar exercise program designed for them. FitStar users can seamlessly publish their FitStar workouts into Fitbit to see how their personal training or yoga practice impacts their overall health. In addition, Fitbit users can now set up a FitStar account by simply using their Fitbit login, making it even easier for people to lead healthier, more active lives.

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