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Google accounts for Fitbit: A new way to log in

The Google logo next to the Fitbit logo.

Beginning this summer, there’s a new way to log in to the Fitbit you know and love — with a Google Account. If you’re an existing Fitbit user, you will have the option to move your Fitbit experience to a Google Account. You aren’t required to move to a Google Account immediately, but will need to move by 2025. If you’re a new Fitbit user, you’ll be required to register with a Google Account this summer.

A Fitbit screen on a phone with the benefits of Google Accounts.

With a Google Account you’ll get more Fitbit experiences and all your historical data with the benefits of a Google Account. From a seamless login and industry leading security and privacy, here’s a look at what a Google Account offers.

  • Convenience of a single Google login. Once you complete the move, you’ll use your Google Account to log into Fitbit with a single password. Making it easier for you to manage all your connected apps and paired devices -- plus all your information is in one place.
  • Google’s industry-leading privacy and security. You’ll have added, unified privacy controls - including the ability to manage all your Fitbit data in Google account settings - to keep your health and wellness data safe and secure. You’ll also be able to see and manage where you are logged in across your Google Account.
  • Continued commitment to privacy. Privacy is still at the core of the Fitbit experience. Your Fitbit health and wellness data won’t be used for Google Ads, and it will continue to be kept separate from Google Ads data.
  • All the things you love about Fitbit. From the moment you first log into Fitbit with your Google Account, you will have the same Fitbit experience with all your historical health and wellness data still available. So you can keep using Fitbit to help you move more, eat well, sleep better, manage stress and more. Just look for a prompt when you open your Fitbit app or head to Settings on the Fitbit app to start the process.

Moving to Google Accounts lets us build a great foundation for Fitbit’s future, while providing you with added benefits. This is an important step to bring even more helpful updates and engaging experiences to you. There’s a lot more to come and we can’t wait to share more soon.

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