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Sleeker, smaller Fitbit One activity and sleep tracker

This post was originally published on the Fitbit press site. It has been adapted from its original format.

Fitbit One Activity + Sleep Tracker in black featuring iconic growing flower goal progress screen

Fitbit One Activity + Sleep Tracker in black featuring iconic growing flower goal progress screen

Fitbit, the market leader in the Connected Health & Fitness category, released its latest innovation, the Fitbit One Activity + Sleep Tracker – an all-day digital activity and sleep tracker that offers Bluetooth 4.0/Smart compatibility. The successor to the best-selling Fitbit Ultra, the One tracks steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, floors climbed and sleep quality, boasts a smaller, sleeker design, and offers protection against perspiration, rain and water.

“We believe this all-new version of our flagship activity and sleep tracker, combined with state-of-the-art Bluetooth syncing and our fresh, innovative social features, will create a great experience that will inspire and empower people to live healthier, more active lives,” James Park, CEO and founder of Fitbit. “With our expanding product lineup, we aim to offer our users their choice in trackers, designed to give people the flexibility on how and where to wear the device to encourage every day use so that they can get the motivation, encouragement and information they need to get fit.”

The One is offered in retail stores and at for $99.95 (USD).

Tracking with More Accuracy Day and Night. All in One.

The One encourages people to become more active and helps them learn how to sleep better – two keys to a healthy, active life. To help motivate all day activity, Fitbit One’s improved accuracy when tracking steps, distance, calories burned, stairs climbed and sleep quality and its other brand new features, like a brighter display, help it fit more seamlessly into your everyday activities. Fitbit has created an innovative way to track sleep quality patterns while you’re dreaming, and even wake you up at the end of the night, so that you can improve your rest and your overall health.

Fitbit One new and improved features and benefits include:

  • Less is more – the One has a small, sleek design to fit more comfortably into a pocket and is easily clipped to a bra or belt.
  • Fashion forward – the deluxe design fits into any wardrobe with two color options: Black and Burgundy.
  • Oops-proof – One is splash-, rain- and sweat-proof, so you can wear it with the confidence that it can handle a sweaty walk and wet weather.
  • Easy to read anywhere – a brighter display for better reading in the day and at night.
  • Extra, extra – contains a clock and displays motivational messages to keep you moving.
  • No alarm clock needed – the One’s Silent Wake alarm will gently vibrate to wake you, and only you, when you schedule it from the online dashboard or mobile app.

First All-Day Trackers to Sync Through Bluetooth 4.0

As with the recently-released Fitbit Zip, users of the Fitbit One can wirelessly and automatically upload their stats to select Bluetooth 4.0 devices like iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and iPad (third-generation) via the Fitbit mobile app, allowing them to see their stats updated in real-time on the go. And now you can also receive notifications on your phone to remind you how close you are to your goals and to help celebrate when you meet your daily goals. You’ll be able to see graphs, earn activity badges and monitor the leaderboard throughout the day, encouraging you to stay active and keep you motivated. Users with other mobile devices can sync all-day through their computer with the included Bluetooth 4.0 USB dongle.

Tap Into Upgraded Social and Mobile Platform for More Social, Fun Fitness

One fully integrates into the Fitbit ecosystem, which boasts a redesigned online dashboard and a newly updated free mobile app, available on all iPhones and Android devices. Not only can you see your latest stats and track your daily and long-term fitness trends, you can also log food, weight and other workouts. You can connect with friends online, send them new “cheer” and “taunt” messages for extra motivation, see your notifications on the online dashboard and compete on the Fitbit leaderboard that now refreshes throughout the day. If you’re more self-motivated, you can earn badges for daily or lifetime achievements.

Fitbit integrates with many popular health and fitness apps, including Endomondo, LoseIt, MapMyFitness, MyFitnessPal and Sparkpeople, to allow users to share data from their favorite apps.

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