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6 tips to stick to your 2024 goals from SoulCycle instructors

Google Trends reveal fitness and exercise goals are common this time of the year. We even have some goals of our own for 2024, like coming together with SoulCycle to invite our communities to celebrate fitness and stay motivated together with Fitbit & Friends Week.

When you attend a Soulcycle class this week, January 22-28, show your Fitbit device or Pixel Watch to the front desk at any SoulCycle studio in the US to get two complimentary rides — one for you and one for a friend. If you and your buddy redeem your rides at one of the Fitbit-themed “Soul Surprise” classes1 between January 29 - February 4, you’ll have the chance to win a Charge 6.2 And, from February 4 through April 5, SoulCycle riders can get $50 off either a Charge 6 or Pixel Watch 2 when purchased from the Google store.

Tips to find your fit and your flow this year

To help you stay motivated beyond Fitbit & Friends week, we gathered tips from SoulCycle instructors. Take a look at these words of advice from instructors and motivation from SoulCycle to keep your 2024 goals in sight.

1. “Accountability and connection are key.” - Jenny Rose, SoulCycle instructor based in New York City

SoulCycle instructor Jenny, based in New York City, poses at the front desk of a SoulCycle studio.

We will always go further together, and fitness is no exception. Find a friend with similar goals to keep you on track and help shift your perspective when you start to feel like giving up, and vice versa. When you know you're in it with someone else, it will help keep you consistent, inspired and maybe a little more willing to show up on the days where it's a challenge to show up for yourself.

2. “Be a balanced human.” - Brent, SoulCycle instructor based in Chicago

SoulCycle instructor Brent, based in Chicago, flexes his muscles next to an at-home bike.

We’re all for pushing yourself during a workout, but it’s important to balance it out with sufficient rest and recovery! The longer we’ve been fitness professionals, the more we realize just how important our sleep is to overall performance and realizing the benefits of fitness goals. With Fitbit, you can understand the quality of your sleep and adjust your nighttime routine, or how you can best take care of your body on any given day with Premium’s Daily Readiness Score.

3. “Find some joy in it.” - Eric, SoulCycle instructor based in Seattle

Try a new workout! When you view movement as a way to celebrate your body and your strength, it's so much easier to stay committed and even look forward to it. And don't be afraid to be a beginner. We've all been there and fumbled our way through our first class! Try tracking metrics like Heart Rate, Heart Rate Zones and active zone minutes with Fitbit to help you measure your improvements over time.

4. “Be present with your progress. Take it one day at a time. Win the day. Win the moment. Win the rep. The long term results will take care of themselves.” - Bryce, SoulCycle instructor in New York City

SoulCycle instructor Bryce, based in New York City, poses outside of a SoulCycle studio.

You can be 100% committed and start small. Creating sustainable daily habits is the best way to make health changes for the long term. Take your goals one step at a time and reflect on the progress along your journey to remind yourself that you can make things happen, big or small.

5. “Get clear on your why.” - Tirrell, SoulCycle instructor based in Atlanta

SoulCycle instructor Tirrell, based in Atlanta, poses outside of a SoulCycle studio.

Think of the feelings you hope to experience by achieving your goals, and remember them whenever you notice yourself wanting to give up. Having a positive attitude and keeping your “why” top of mind will help you stay on track, too.

6. “We might be biased, but it's hard not to have fun at SoulCycle.” - Jane, SoulCycle instructor based in Austin

SoulCycle instructor Jane, based in Austin, poses outside of a SoulCycle studio.

Working out should be a celebration, and SoulCycle creates an environment that reflects that. Cycling not only helps you step into your strength, but also promotes confidence and mental clarity — regardless of where you are in your fitness journey. If you want to get your sweat on with the support of the SoulCycle community behind you, come RIDE with us for Fitbit & Friends Week!

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