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Get a new perspective on the world with Discovery TRVLR

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One of the richest ways to explore and learn about a place is to get to know it from someone who calls that place home. What if you could experience the subtle mysticism of standing in a pagoda in Vietnam watching warrior monks train, or hear the echoes of ancient Aztec gods in the rhythmic stomping of feet during a traditional Mexican cleansing ritual?

Virtual reality makes this possible, so you can go on adventures that transcend the mundane—all without booking a single airplane ticket. That’s the idea behind a new series we created in partnership with Discovery, called Discovery TRVLR.

Discovery TRVLR

Discovery has been showing you new parts of the world for over 35 years, and with Discovery TRVLR, you’ll get to explore it in vivid VR video filmed on Jump cameras. Discovery TRVLR takes you on voyages to all seven continents, and by focusing on locals, you’ll uncover the hidden stories of these places and learn things you’d never see in a travel guidebook.

Available today, the first chapter takes you to Auckland, New Zealand—hold on tight as you descend into the depths of a seemingly bottomless cave. New chapters will follow every week. In Hanoi, keep your eyes peeled for slumbering demons as you explore a ghostly forest. In Mexico City, venture south of the capital to the haunting Isla de las Muñecas (Island of the Dolls). In Yerevan, walk a tightrope with the last member of a generation of Armenian acrobats. In Cape Town, explore the underside of the city with a charming, though not strictly licensed, cab operator. And in La Paz, meet female wrestlers giving hope to domestic violence victims. Then cap it all off riding alongside a polar explorer through ice caves and the frozen tundra of Antarctica. 

Find all episodes of Discovery TRVLR on YouTube or the Discovery VR app on Daydream, and watch them with your Cardboard or Daydream View. Here’s hoping you catch your own glimpse of something truly special.

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