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Jump Start your VR vision with access to a state-of-the-art camera

From colleges to mountain tops, we've gone around the world thanks to the work of Jump Start creators—artists from all backgrounds who have joined a Google program that puts state-of-the-art VR cameras in the hands of filmmakers. Topline VR equipment can sometimes be hard for filmmakers to afford on a budget, which is why we created the Jump Start program to provide access to professional quality VR cameras to creators. Now in its second year, Jump Start has enabled more than 100 creators to bring their VR visions to life.

You can now apply to Jump Start by June 11, 2018 with your idea. If selected, you’ll receive free access to a Jump camera and free use of the Jump Assembler for the duration of the program. To get inspired, check out two projects from last year’s Jump Start creators, as well as their tips on how to film in VR.


The Rattler  |  L.Michelle Salvant, LMichelleMedia

Global Online VR Release - Available Now

The Rattler is a first of its kind 360 VR film featuring the Florida A&M University Marching "100" Band.  It allows you to experience a three-day journey as the band prepares for their signature Homecoming Weekend festivities and performance.


L.Michelle’s Tips for Filmmakers
“My advice for filmmakers is, first and foremost, realize the camera is an actor in your film. That means you have to determine the role the camera will be playing, and stick to that role throughout the entire piece. Also, get as close as you can to the action, without crossing recommended tech guidelines. It's an immersive medium, so don't be afraid to immerse the camera as far as you can in the scene. Lastly, if you're not feeling a connection to a particular scene, cut it. VR is truly an empathy machine, so each scene should have soul.”


Loved by All VR  |  Steve Henderson, Sherpas Cinema

Global Online VR Release - June 4, 2018

Loved by All VR, which had its U.S. premiere at the Mountainfilm Festival this past weekend, follows young Pemba Sherpa on his journey for an education in the Khumbu region of Nepal. Pemba's story mirrors world-record Mt. Everest summiter Apa Sherpa’s past--one where the draw of being a high altitude porter conflicts with the dreams of Nepal's rural people; dreams made possible only through education and knowledge.


Steve’s Tips for Filmmakers 

“My advice is to think equal parts theatrically and technically. Your job as a director is to guide action through the space around the camera in compelling and (in a documentary environment) natural ways—become a master of blocking and understand how that affects the scene in terms of emotional effect and viewer attention."

To experience more VR pieces, visit and subscribe to Google VR on YouTube.  

We want to help more filmmakers like Steve and L.Michelle to realize their creative vision and take us to new places.  We hope you draw inspiration from your fellow filmmakers and apply Jump Start by June 11. The next great VR experience may very well be one that you create!

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